Item:Stone of the Tortoise

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Stone of the Tortoise
  • Bind On Equip
  • Item Level: 10
  • Pocket
  • Experience from Monster kills is DISABLED
    XP from Quest Completions is DISABLED
  • "A small flat stone with a grey rune carved into its surface."
  • LOTRO Store: 100 LOTRO Point 

Item Information

This item grants the effect  Halted Experience.

Store Information

The item Experience Disabler can be purchased from the LOTRO Store for 100 LOTRO Point LOTRO Points.


Feel like you're leveling too fast, and want to slow your character's progression down? When equipped, this item disables character experience earned from monster kills, crafting, and quest completions. This item is equipped into your pocket item slot. This item binds to your character when you equip it.

Only disables experience used to gain character levels. Does not disable Legendary Item, War-steed, or Crafting experience.

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