Item:Ithildín Coin

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Ithildín Coin
  • Unique
  • Requires: Novice
  • Starts Quest: Ithildín Coin
  • "A coin inlaid with Ithildín that bears the image of the Doors of Durin."

Item Information

This item is a promotional item and coins are given to new characters on an account owned by players who pre-ordered the Complete Edition or the Collector's Edition of the Mines of Moria expansion.

In 2008, each character on such an account received 3 coins and if pre-ordered through Gamestop store each character got an extra coin. (Accuracy check: Is that still the case?)

Quest Information

This item starts the quest [5] Ithildín Coin and then the coin should be turned in to any of the following NPCs:

They offer the following selectable rewards: