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Fëanor (Spirit of Fire) was a prince of the Noldor, the eldest son of Finwë and his first wife Míriel. He had the greatest skill of word and hand, and was a renowned craftsman, gem-smith, and warrior. Fëanor created the Silmarils, which was his most famous deed, and also wrought the palantíri and the Fëanorian lamps. In addition, he invented the widely-used Tengwar script. His passionate hatred of Morgoth and the terrible oath and his sons swore led directly to the great triumphs and tragedies of the First Age.

Fëanor married the sculptor Nerdanel and they had seven sons. The eldest was tall even by the standards of the Noldor in Valinor, and the second eldest became a great musician. The third was a hunter and a friend of Oromë before the Flight of the Noldor. The fourth, called "the Dark", was shortest of temper of his brothers. The firth was a great craftsman like his father, and father of the ring-smith Celebrimbor, and the youngest were twins, red-haired like their mother, at times called "Ambarussa" because of it.

Proud and charismatic, Fëanor spoke against the Valar in Valinor, stirring unrest among the Noldor. After the death of the trees Laurelin and Telperion and of his father Finwë in the Darkening of Valinor, Fëanor led many of the Noldor to Middle-earth. They sought vengeance for Finwë, the reclamation of the Silmarils stolen by Morgoth, and exploration and lordship over new lands. Fëanor led the first part of the Noldorin host to Alqualondë, where they slew many of the Falmari there and took their ships when the Sea-elves would not give them up willingly. For this, the Noldor came under the Doom of Mandos, barring them from Valinor until the War of Wrath (and for the House of Fëanor, unrepentant and bound by their Oath, they would abide in the Halls of Mandos far longer than the others, and it was foretold that their efforts would be in vain).

Fëanor claimed the kingship of the Noldor and led his sons across the sea to Middle-earth on their stolen ships. Those of the Noldor who remained behind (the ships being too few to carry all of them at once), led by Fingolfin, were forced to cross the Helcaraxë on foot after Fëanor ordered the ships burned on the far shore.

Soon after their arrival in Middle-earth, the Noldor were assaulted by Morgoth in the Dagor-nuin-Giliath, the Battle Under the Stars (the sun and moon still being crafted). Fëanor, in fury, pressed the attack after Morgoth's forces were repelled, and in doing so was surrounded by Belryg and was mortally wounded by their lord, Gothmog. When he died, his body burned away to ash immediately. Though he was known far and wide for his firey spirit, this was still rather unexpected.

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