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Weapons, skills and items in Lotro can inflict damage of many different types. With the introduction of the Lore-master skill Knowledge of the Lore-master it is possible to see which type of damage is most effective against certain creature types. Weapons with certain damage types will exhibit a Weapon Aura, which can be made invisible by unchecking "Enable Weapon Passive Effects" in UI Settings.

For the definitions of specific damage types see: Game Terms or the individual damage type pages linked to below.

Damage Type Effective Against Weapon Aura
Ancient Dwarf Dragon-kind and Cave-claws Red
Beleriand Half-orcs, Spiders and Insects, and Ancient Evil Blue
Common None
Fire Creatures of Nature, most Beasts, Darkwaters, and Troll-kind
Light Goblins, Orcs, Troll-kind, and Spiders
Westernesse The Dead, Unseen, and Gaunt Men Green
Cries Orc-kind

Creature Type Weaknesses Resistances
Ancient Evil Beleriand Common
Beasts Fire Cries
Cave-claws Ancient Dwarf-make Cries
Crawlers Beleriand Common
Creatures of Nature Fire
Darkwater Fire, Song, Westernesse Common, Physical
Decayed Song, Westernesse Common, Physical
(Drakes, Worms, Salamanders)
Ancient Dwarf Song
Gaunts Beleriand, Westernesse Common
Giant-kind Tactical
Goblins Cries, Light
Gorthorog Trolls Fire & Light
Half-Orcs Beleriand
Insects Beleriand
Morroval Beleriand Common, Tactical
Nameless Beleriand Common, Tactical
Neekers Beleriand Common
Orcs Cries, Light
Slugs Fire Cries
Snowbeasts Fire Cries
Spiders Beleriand, Light
The Dead & Unseen Westernesse Common, Physical
Trees Fire Common
Troll-kind Fire & Light Common
Uruks Cries
Wights Westernesse Physical
Wolves Fire Cries

Reference sheet

Players can download and print the Damage Types Sheet (PDF ready to print) for easy reference on damage types. It includes two tables, listing weaknesses and resistances by mob kinds and damage types.

For information on other Game Terms, see Game Terms