Cam Applewood

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Cam Applewood
Image of Cam Applewood
Title Stablehand
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Settlement Hengstacer Farm
Map Ref [22.3S, 52.3W]


Cam Applewood is a Stablehand found at the Hengstacer Farm in Bree-land. He allows characters to trade their Receipt of Purchase for a Horse or Pony.

Quest Involvement


Item to Receive Items to Trade
 Bay Steed  Receipt of Purchase
 Blonde Sorrel Steed  Receipt of Purchase
 Bloodbay Steed  Receipt of Purchase
 Chestnut Steed  Receipt of Purchase
 Prized Mahogany Bay Steed  Receipt of Purchase: Glory
 Prized Ashen Steed  Receipt of Purchase: Angmar
 Prized Tundra Steed  Receipt of Purchase: Forochel


Characters may see Cam having a list of "Exchange My X Horse/Pony" quests. Those quests were added because when the game was first released in April, 2007, it was possible for characters to accidentally buy the wrong mount (pony instead of horse, and vice versa). Since the launch of Mounts 2.0 with the Siege of Mirkwood expansion, this is no longer an issue and the quests serve no real purpose. These quests are still available and many of them can still be completed by acquiring a duplicate of the steed the quest is for - the second copy will stay in your inventory and can be turned in for the quest. Those quests are not listed here but in short, they made it possible to replace the mount with the one wished for.