Weald-guard's Battle-gear of the Abyss

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This Beorning armour set is acquired by bartering Motes of Enchantment or by opening armour box drops from raid bosses in the Abyss of Mordath (tier 2). In order to barter with motes, the player needs to have completed the deed The Abyss of Mordath -- Tier 2. The head piece is crafted by Tailors.


Barterer: Master of Mordor Lore (Gorgoroth Scout's Gear Rewards Vendor), northwest of the Ruins of Dingarth in Dor Amarth.[47.8S, 8.3E]

Recipe (head piece): Beorning Set Helms Recipe


Medium Helm 67 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Weald-guard's Coif of the Abyss
Medium Shoulders 65 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Weald-guard's Camail of the Abyss
Medium Armour 69 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Weald-guard's Hauberk of the Abyss
Medium Gloves 68 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Weald-guard's Gages of the Abyss
Light Leggings 52 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Weald-guard's Leggings of the Abyss
Medium Boots 63 (incomparable)-icon.png
  Weald-guard's Boots of the Abyss