Way of the Shield Traits

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Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Wary Blocks-icon.png Wary Blocks A little caution can go a long way towards bolstering an already impressive defence.
+10s duration to block Buffs
1 Strike with Defensive Strike 200 times (50/day)
Shield Trickery-icon.png Shield Trickery Fancy shield-work can help a Warden cover all angles.
Adds 10% to chance to apply bonuses when using Shield-bash, Shield-blast and Behind the Shield.
10 Strike with Shield-bash 250 times (50/day)
Perseverance-icon.png Perseverance Even in the most desperate of fights, Wardens excel at maintaining their resolve.
+2 Pulses to Heal Over Time effects
30 Strike with Persevere 500 times (50/day)
Skillful Blocking-icon.png Skillful Blocking Skill with a shield can carry a Warden through even the harshest battles.
+[Level x 8] Warden Gambits Block Rating
Successful Blocks or Partial Blocks will restore 1% of Warden's Morale
10 Block attacks 500 times (75/day)
Never Say Die-icon.png Never Say Die Where others falter, a Warden fights on.
Reduces the cooldown of Never Surrender by 60 seconds
Increases the base Morale and Power restored by Never Surrender by 10%
20 Strike with Safeguard 200 times (35/day)
Efficient Shieldwork-icon.png Efficient Shieldwork A skilled Warden can use quick, efficient blocks to preserve vigour through arduous battles.
-5% Power Cost to any Gambit beginning with a shield; this extends to masteries
20 Strike with Shield Up 200 times (50/day)
Ward of Justice-icon.png Ward of Justice Some Wardens excel at attracting attention.
+3 Goad Targets
30 Complete the class quest A Defence in the Darkness
Master of the Shield-icon.png Master of the Shield Even when using advanced techniques, a skilled Warden never forgets the basics.
All Shield Mastery skills now provide the benefits of their base Gambit Builders.
50 Strike with Shield Mastery, Celebration of Skill or Dance of War 500 times (50/day)