Vulnerable (Conjunction)

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  • Temporarily incapacitated allowing for a coordinated attack!
  • Duration: 4-9s

Effect Information

This effect allows a Fellowship Manoeuvre to be used on the target.

It has a duration of 4-6 seconds when caused by a critical hit and a duration of 5 seconds when caused by a skill. Conjunctions on the dragon Draigoch have an extended duration of 9 seconds.

Combat Relationship

When in a fellowship, any critical hit has a chance to activate this effect on an enemy target.

Skill Relationship

The following skills will activate this effect on an enemy target (unless immune):


Exploit Opening-icon.png Exploit Opening
Exposed Throat-icon.png Exposed Throat (20% chance to apply)
Trip-icon.png Trip


Tripwire-icon.png Tripwire


Kick-icon.png Kick (requires at least 2 traits in the Leader of Men line equipped, 10% chance to apply)


To The King-icon.png To The King (on critical hit)
Turn the Tables-icon.png Turn the Tables


Bursting Root-icon.png Bursting Root (Pet skill) (20% chance to apply)
Throat Slash-icon.png Throat Slash (Pet skill) (requires flank event, 20% chance to apply)

Item Relationship

The following items will activate this effect on an enemy target (unless immune):


Item Level Stun Duration Target level
Marbles 4-icon.png Barrow-iron Marbles 20 4s <25
Marbles 4-icon.png Rich-iron Marbles 30 5s <35
Marbles 3-icon.png Dwarf-iron Marbles 40 6s <45
Marbles 3-icon.png Ancient-iron Marbles 45 6s <55
Marbles 3-icon.png Khazâd-iron Marbles 55 6s <60
Marbles 3-icon.png Khazâd-steel Marbles 60 6s <65
Marbles 3-icon.png Westfold Marbles 70 6s <75
Marbles 3-icon.png Calenard Marbles 75 6s <85
Marbles 4-icon.png Eastemnet Marbles 80 6s <90
Marbles 4-icon.png Riddermark Marbles 85 6s <95
Marbles 4-icon.png Westemnet Marbles 90 6s <95
Marbles 4-icon.png Eorlingas Marbles 95 6s <100
Marbles 4-icon.png Anórien Marbles 100 6s
Marbles 4-icon.png Doomfold Marbles 115 6s <115
Marbles 4-icon.png Ironfold Marbles 120 6s <120
Marbles 5-icon.png Minas Ithil Marbles 121 6s <130