Volume IV Session Play

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Once completed, these quests can be replayed by reading the Chronicle of Events at The Spire of Meeting in Rivendell.

Interlude: Those Who Are Dead

During Book 1 of Volume IV, players will have the chance to witness the meeting of the Oathbreakers of the Paths of the Dead with Aragorn and the Grey Company. The session play character is Lûtkal, one of the Men of the Mountains cursed by Isildur in the Second Age.

Interlude: No Other Way

During Book 8 of Volume IV, you will play as Gollum as he leads Frodo and Sam up the stairs of Cirith Ungol, and into Mordor, betraying them to Shelob.

Interlude: The Precious, At Last

During Book 9 of Volume IV, you will once again play as Gollum and take part in the destruction of the One Ring, climbing the slopes of Mount Doom and entering the dreaded Sammath Naur, where Sauron once forged the Ruling Ring and where the fate of Middle-earth is decided.