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Biography: Valandur
Birth - Death Third Age 462 - 652
Race: Man
Gender: Male
Ancestor(s): Elendil
Parent(s): Tarondor
Child(ren): Elendur
Descendant(s): Line of Artedain
Aragorn II
Info: 8th King of Arnor
Ruled as High King for 50 years
Died a violent death


Valandur was son of Tarondor. He ruled as the eighth King of Arnor for 50 years, taking up ruler-ship after his father III 602. Little is said about this period, but he faced a violent end in some unknown event.

His name means "Servant of the Valar" in Quenya, in respect of the Valar who were still held hallowed by many.

He was the father of Elendur who succeeded him as the High King.

He was known to his people by his sceptre, which is now an artifact of the past.

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