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If you want to see what I was working on 9 years ago, see the section entitled Old. I'm sure most of it has been done by now. I'll make it prettier sometime later. As for now:


  • add all missing Wildermore creatures
  • add Central and East Gondor creatures, and move/add Osgiliath creatures, esp. shared with Pelennor ones
  • improve pictures + info for separate beacon pages and main beacons of Gondor page
  • trying to resolve wanted files/images
  • similarly trying to resolve image stubs
  • since my main is a LM, I'm working through the mobs needing inspection as well


It's probably about time I stop keeping my to-do list in my head. I would write something clever and revealing about myself, but I'm terrible at it, so I won't. I don't mind answering questions and am glad to help, so don't hesitate to ask if you need to.

Current Projects

("Current" is used loosely here.)


Apprentice Journeyman Expert Artisan Master Supreme

* Finish completing and mapping Jewellery and Armour generic/generalized icons

Necklaces Rings Earrings Shields
Head Shoulders Legs Gloves Feet
  • Complete crafting, cosmetic, and class information to LOTRO Store; hopefully help restructure
  • Add BoE world drop items
  • (As of today, this is now active *sigh*) Overhaul Farmer Recipe Index, recipes, items, vendors, &c to match both November '10 update and March '11 update.
    • Change "Dragonsbreath" to "Dragon's Breath" per March update
    • Change item namespaces for Pipe-weed items to "Pouch of ___ Pipe-weed" instead of "____ Pipe-weed" per March update
    • Change drop information for
      • Seeds
      • Crops
      • Mastery components per November update
    • Change recipe titles (double-check) and recipes offered
    • Remove references to poor harvests/crops
    • Update majority of tooltip flavor text
  • Obtain images of cosmetic items (and a few decorations left)


  • Continuously trying to gather and complete Lothlórien and Mirkwood crafting recipe/item data for all professions that still need them
    • Woodworker - Non-guild Lothlórien recipe second output items, Mirkwood complete
    • Tailor - Only need to update to multi-output for Lothlórien, need ingredients & xp for Mirkwood
    • Weaponsmith - Guild and non-guild Lothlórien recipe second output items, confirm recipes, need ingredients and xp for Mirkwood
    • Metalsmith - Lothlórien may be complete, need to confirm, need ingredients & xp for Mirkwood

* Getting images/creating pages for Lothlórien NPCs

* Find items that are missing from lootboxes on creature pages


* Upload/move generalized icons for Pocket items, add several items, and update the Pocket Items Index

  • Create sub-categories for Cosmetic and Decorative items
  • Expand Lothlórien location stubs
  • Expand Moria location stubs
  • Make a cosmetic index & decoration navigation template
  • Create a LOTRO store cosmetic gallery

* Complete Pipe-weed Index


  • Tagging items {{IN}} / resolving them
  • Wikify {{imageph}} items
  • Watch unused images and pages to delete
  • Attempt to catch spelling/grammar/typographical errors (and correcting them)
  • Other such mundane tasks :)

Copy and Paste regulars

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symbol code symbol code symbol code symbol code symbol code
' ' & & • á á â â
í í î î ó ó ô ô ö ö
é é ú ú ù ù û û
{| width=640px class="altRowsMed" 
! width= 90 | Column Title or 
! width= 90 | 
|- valign="top"
| align="center" |
! colspan=2 | Section Header
* [[File:-icon.png]] [[Item:|]] 
{{Icon|<icon> |<stack> |<size> |<size=> |<float=> |<margin=> |<link=>}}
{{Lootbox|quality (optional)|Item:}}
| name          = 
| image         = -icon.png
| type          = <!-- Setting, Gem, Rune, Crafted -->
| tier          = <!-- 1, 2, 3 -->
| attrib        = 

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