Tom Bombadil

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Tom Bombadil
Image of Tom Bombadil
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Region Bree-land
Area Old Forest
Location Tom Bombadil's House
Map Ref [32.7S, 57.3W]


Tom Bombadil dwells in the Old Forest of Bree-land and is found in- or outside his house where he lives with his wife Goldberry, the River-daughter. He is called "Iarwain Ben-adar." His race is unknown, but one possibility is that he was a spirit planted in the world when it was created. Though he is very powerful and of goodwill to the extent that the One Ring cannot harm him. He shares next to no kinship with the rest of Middle-earth. He has multiple names, most of them meaning "first-born".

Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow;
Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow.

"This verse describes the surface appearance of the strange entity known as Bombadil. He seems a jovial (if not somewhat absurd) fellow, skipping and singing through the treacherous Old Forest at the Bounds of Buckland; but beneath the surface is hidden a Power that few, even the Wise, can comprehend. He is old beyond the count of years – indeed, the Elves once called him Iarwain Ben-adar, Oldest and Fatherless – and once leapt upon the hilltops across the wide lands of Middle-earth. Now, though, he has settled in the Old Forest with his wife Goldberry the River-daughter, and set for himself unseen bounds which he no longer crosses." —

See Talk:Tom Bombadil for further details.

Quest Involvement


Getting close to Tom will give you the following effect:

Hope 4-icon.png +8 Hope - Your heart is glad to have found a beacon of light in the dark.


"Hey dol merry dol wither are you going? Tramping in the forest lands and through the rivers flowing!"