Time of Need

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Time of Need-icon.png
 Time of Need
  • Skill Type: Buff
  • You gain a surge of energy for a short time.

    Puts the Captain in a Battle-readied State.

    Increases your damage output for a short time.
  • Enemy Defeat Response
  • Duration: 8s
  • Battle-readied
    +5% Melee Damage
    +5% Tactical Damage
  • Duration: 15s
  • -20% Attack Duration
    +20% Melee Damage
    +20% Tactical Damage
    +20% Melee Skills Critical Damage
  • Duration: 20s
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Requires: Time of Need Trait Equipped
  • Cooldown: 2m

General Information

Class: Captain

Trait Tree: Lead the Charge Traits

Rank Needed: 10


Using this skill will trigger three effects on the Captain.


The Captain's Emblem Minor Legacy Time of Need Buff Duration increases the duration of the Time of Need-icon.png Time of Need effect bestowed by this skill by up to 10 seconds.