The Withered Heath (Resource Instance)

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This page is about the Resource instance. For the landmark, see The Withered Heath
The Withered Heath (Resource Instance)
Level: 120
Size: Solo
Cluster: Grey Mountains
Region: Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Area: The Withered Heath


Stráhek the Stout in Skarháld offers up resource instance quests once the wrapper quest, The State of the Expedition, is completed.

Quest Involvement

The Quest: Withered Heath: Weathering the Storm has a 1 hour time limit from the time you accept the quest
[120] Withered Heath: A Deep Thaw
[120] Withered Heath: A Harsh Pursuit
  • Warning: These two quests require the Quest: Withered Heath: Weathering the Storm to be underway. If that quest has been completed or failed, you will be unable to exit and re-enter this instance in order to complete those two quests.

One of two random Scourges can be found in the instance, tagged as fellowship quests even though the Resource Instance is Solo:

[120] Káldbak, Scourge of the Withered Heath
[120] Héolka, Scourge of the Withered Heath