The Redhorn Lodes (Deed)

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Deed Lore

Explore the Redhorn Lodes of Moria.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

The Orc-watch has been founded by Brogur and Bosi's dwarf expedition as a watch-post over the Orc horde that holds the Redhorn Lodes. The dwarves hope to cut the different Orc tribes off from each other by controlling such key points throughout Moria, but the odds stand brutally against them.
The Gate of Ruin opens upon the Endless Stair of Khazad-dûm, but as its name now suggests, this doorway into the stairs has been shattered and lies in ruin.
Sigin-tharâkh is little more than a platform jutting above rivers of molten fire that have broken this section of the caverns into a set of treacherous stone formations. The dwarves of old Moria tied them together with a series of stairs and pathways, but these have not been maintained for hundreds of years, and can be perilous to an unwary traveller. '
This vast natural pit was used for hundreds of years by the dwarves of Khazad-dûm to dispose of the tailings left behind by their enormous mining efforts within the Redhorn Lodes. It speaks to the enormous depth of this shaft that in all that time, its bottom yet remains unseen and unsounded.
This important-looking building must once have been an administrative centre for the mining efforts of the dwarves in the Redhorn Lodes. Now, naturally, its interior lies ruined and abandoned, for the Orcs have little use for it.
Malmezel was once a street of some sort lined with small buildings. Few of the old records speak to its purpose, though one might guess that it once was filled with workshops or taverns for the dwarves who once worked these mines.
In the time of ancient Moria, this building would have served as the quarters of the high-foreman of the Redhorn Lodes. Now it acts as the throne of whatever orc has risen to power over his brethren in this vast cavern.
Budkhul-beken provides a commanding view of the great cavern below. Perhaps in days long past, the mine's overseers stood here to plan out their excavations. Now all one can see are the shattered ruins below, crawling with Orcs ...


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 10 LOTRO Points
  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Virtue Experience-icon.png 2000 Virtue Experience
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Iron Garrison Miners ( 500 )

Additional Information

Sigin-tharâkh is at Nud-melek. Budkhul-beken can be accessed by taking the path from Nud-melek and taking the trail from Zabadgathol to the south-west.