The Protector of Song Traits

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Trait Description Source
Shield Focus (Trait)-icon.png Shield Focus Gain a defensive stance: Shield Focus. Trait: 0+ ranks
Anthem of Composure (Trait)-icon.png Anthem of Composure Earns the skill: Anthem of Composure. Trait: 0+ ranks
Improved Inspire Fellows-icon.png Improved Inspire Fellows Inspire Fellows costs less Power, heals more Morale, and briefly reduces incoming damage. Trait: 0+ ranks
Extended Anthems-icon.png Extended Anthems Increases Anthem Duration Trait: 5+ ranks
Tactical Mastery-icon.png Tactical Mastery Increases Tactical Mastery rating. Trait: 5+ ranks
Weakening Echoes of Battle-icon.png Weakening Echoes of Battle Echoes of Battle deals more damage and further reduces the enemy's Resistance. Trait: 5+ ranks
Improved Hero's Strike-icon.png Improved Hero's Strike Increases damage and healing done by Hero's Strike. Trait: 10+ ranks
Exposing Weakness-icon.png Of All Trades Increase damage and healing. Trait: 10+ ranks
Raise the Spirit-icon.png Raise Our Spirits Raise the Spirit provides a fellowship-wide AoE heal. Trait: 10+ ranks
Sharing a Story-icon.png Sharing a Story A Critical hit with a ballad will reset Piercing Cry cooldowns. Trait: 15+ ranks
Shielding Cry-icon.png Shielding Cry Piercing Cry causes some of the damage the Fellowship takes to be reflected upon your enemies. Trait: 15+ ranks
Strength of Helm Hammerhand-icon.png Strength of Helm Hammerhand Adds a Physical and Tactical Mastery buff to Song of the Hammerhand's and Gift of the Hammerhand's bubble. Trait: 15+ ranks
Change of Pace - Heal!-icon.png Change of Pace - Heal! Offensive skills have a chance to grant you a buff that will make your next healing skill crit. Trait: 20+ ranks
Word Spreads-icon.png Word Spreads Each rank increases the amount of maximum targets for Gift of the Hammerhand by 1. Trait: 20+ ranks
Improved Coda of Melody-icon.png Improved Coda of Melody Coda of Melody will also increase the fellowship's Incoming Healing. Trait: 25+ ranks
Perfect Performance-icon.png Perfect Performance Your ballads provide a portion of their bonuses to your fellowship. Trait: 25+ ranks
Strike a Chord-icon.png Strike a Chord Your Ballads may be beautiful to you, but your foes would disagree. Trait: 30+ ranks
Call to Greatness (Trait)-icon.png Call to Greatness Earns the skill: Call to Greatness. Trait: 30+ ranks