The Defender of the Free Traits

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Tree Traits Description Source
Relentless Assault-icon.png Relentless Assault Improves skill Sting Trait: 0+ ranks
Tireless Defender-icon.png Tireless Defender Improves skill Guardian's Ward Trait: 0+ ranks
Defensive Expertise-icon.png Defensive Expertise Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Guardian's Pledge (Trait)-icon.png Guardian's Pledge Gain skill Guardian's Pledge Trait: 5+ ranks
Guardian's Ward Tactics-icon.png Guardian's Ward: Tactics Improves skill Guardian's Ward Trait: 5+ ranks
Shield-smash (Trait)-icon.png Shield-smash Gain skill Shield-smash Trait: 10+ ranks
Reversal (Guardian)-icon.png Reversal Improves skill Turn the Tables Trait: 10+ ranks
Bellow (Trait)-icon.png Bellow Improves skills Challenge and Fray the Edge Trait: 10+ ranks
Follow Through-icon.png Follow Through Improves skill Shield-smash Trait: 15+ ranks, Shield-smash (1)
Smashing Stab (Trait)-icon.png Smashing Stab Gain skill Smashing Stab Trait: 15+ ranks
Improved Shield Spikes-icon.png Improved Shield Spikes Buff Trait: 20+ ranks
Disorientation-icon.png Disorientation Improves skills Shield-smash and Shield-blow Trait: 20+ ranks
Warrior's Fortitude (Defender)-icon.png Warrior's Fortitude Improves skill Warrior's Heart Trait: 25+ ranks
Stoic (Trait)-icon.png Stoic Improves skill Warrior's Heart Trait: 25+ ranks
Juggernaut-icon.png Juggernaut Gain skill Juggernaut Trait: 30+ ranks
Break Ranks-icon.png Break Ranks Improves skill Shield-taunt Trait: 30+ ranks