The Ancient Obelisk

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An ancient object in Bree-land. It is part of the deed The History of the Dúnedain.


An ancient obelisk upon which the names of many men have been inscribed. Some are so old as to be faded beyond recognition, others look as if they might have been carved yesterday.


You found an obelisk out among the Arnorian ruins, seemingly newer than the ruins themselves, with names of many Men carved upon it. Your only guess is that it must be some sort of memorial.
The design and the style of the names you saw there suggest that it was built by the Dúnedain, and given their reverence for their ancestors there is every reason to believe that it may be a memorial for their fallen.
Some of the names seemed to have been added recently, suggesting that the Rangers are somehow involved.


The Ancient Obelisk may be found at the Woodsedge Ruins at the edge of Chetwood, just north of the Midgewater Marshes. [29.5S, 45.8W]