Taskmaster Ishdágalur

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Creep-icon.png Taskmaster Ishdágalur
Taskmaster Ishdágalur.jpg
Faction Creep
Location Tol Ascarnen
Map ref [16.6S, 17.5W]
Race Uruk
Type Combat
Difficulty Elite-Master
Level 115
Morale 166,578
Power 6,480


Taskmaster Ishdágalur is found just outside the Tyrant's room in Tol Ascarnen in the Ettenmoors, accompanied by Taskmaster Broshan and Taskmaster Glok.

Target of Quests


Taskmaster's Brand-icon.pngBarrel of Oil-icon.pngShattered Blade-icon.pngFood Sack-icon.pngOpen Book-icon.pngFaded Sindarin Passage-icon.pngHoarhallow Ale-icon.png