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U14 Notes

  • Interesting armour sets in E&G:
  • Orophin's Watch Armour - Medium
  • Spyhill Armour - Medium
  • Wall's End Armour - Heavy
  • Western Shore Armour - Light
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 16:51, 13 June 2014 (UTC)

Issue with the coordinates for the new maps

Coordinates do not seem to work correctly for any of the Western Gondorian areas - for example, the location of Rovalang -- [58.1S, 64.6W] -- will simply show the Map of Blackroot Vale, but not the spot where the coords are pointing. Anyone have an idea why? --Tharondir (talk) 21:56, 23 June 2014 (UTC)

I haven't gotten around to updating the javascript yet. I'll probably do it tonight or tomorrow.
It takes a couple of hours work, and I usually put off doing it while BR is up.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 03:29, 24 June 2014 (UTC)
I see; thanks for fixing it. Thumbs up! :) --Tharondir (talk) 07:15, 24 June 2014 (UTC)
Lol, I had to get User_talk:Sethladan#JS_.2F_Map_problem_again to find the problem with "Paths of the Dead" -- the Tooltip kept deleting "the" from the middle".
BTW: there are still problems with the coordinates, I notice that a couple of the corners are not correct. So, I'll have to check them out on Thursday. Which is par for the course -- probably transposed digits, or the cat typed for me :)
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 01:23, 25 June 2014 (UTC)

Access to Paths of the Dead and Caves of Emyn Enril

Interestingly, in B2, they opened up access to Paths of the Dead. (It and another area - Caves of Emyn Ernil - are gated by the number of players who have passed through the area -- there are two banners opposite the Vault in Dol Amroth which chart the progress.) However, while I picked up the Location coordinates, mainly for the Deed. I did not see any indication of quests IN the area. But I've only been exploring below lvl 100 so most all of the stuff in DA has not yet opened up for me. So if anyone has hit level 100, please feel free to begin updating/adding info for all of the City Watch quests and access to the other islands, etc.

I assume that Tothlant has quests for the Caves of Emyn Enril (that banner is behind him) and Harneil for Paths of the Dead (she has that banner). I assume that both represent "Instanced Dungeons" of some sort. BTW, it looks like there were only about 600 folks who engaged in Build 1 of the Beta -- 579 made it through the Paths of the dead and only 469 made level 100. Thresholds were 8,000 for the Caves and 12,000 for Paths. It will be interesting to see if they lower those thresholds for Live - they are server wide "accomplishment goals." Similar to the recent Bounder's Bounty or the The Lost Ring-lore of Eregion of old.

Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 01:50, 25 June 2014 (UTC)

U14 live date

From the Shield run, it sounds like the second week in July -- which would probably be on a Monday.

Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 00:29, 26 June 2014 (UTC)

Post release work needed

As U14 is released next week (14 July 2014), the Wiki needs those of you with Level 95 characters to "proofread" everything under the Western Gondor "tree" for correctness.

Everything on the Wiki concerning Western Gondor is from the Betas and therefor not necessarily accurate.

As you progress down the Blackroot Vale to Lamedon and then on to the Havens of Belfalas and Dol Amroth -- Please check things like:
  • Quest rewards - These tend to be close, but often things like the silver rewards change
  • Quest dialogs -- probably not much change; but there are quite a few quests which were not completed (or did not exist) during the beta and need to be completed or created on the Wiki.
  • Specific stats on quest reward items
  • Almost all pictures should be considered "place holders" -- until the game goes live, the graphics do tend to change. So feel free to update them with new images.
  • Most NPCs have no images. And for the record, the NAMED NPCs DO change their appearance in U14!
Once you reach the Dol Amroth all of the various vendors and barterers need to be verified (and in many cases created).
  • Once you hit level 100, the Introductory quest and the City Watch quests need to be recorded and entered on the Wiki.

There is still a tremendous amount of material in Western Gondor to be documented on the Wiki.

Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 23:40, 8 July 2014 (UTC)
Heh, I'm still slowly working on Update 13 stuff, but U14 is definitely on my list (with a focus on quests and crafting). -Laineth (talk) 07:24, 9 July 2014 (UTC)
Proofreading is important, especially with quest text. Take Quest:The Last Captain as an example. This quest has been created, which is great, but has a number of typos, which should be corrected -- once someone has completed the quest on the live servers, since text is still subject to change until Monday. I have not done any quests save for the epics yet, but once u14 goes live, I'll gladly contribute :) --Tharondir (talk) 09:21, 9 July 2014 (UTC)
LoL -- that quest Quest:The Last Captain , and its lead-ins Quest:Suspicious Characters in Dol Amroth and Quest:The Search for Abedec -- make no sense. There is a tremendous gap in the Story line. Jajax greets you like a long-lost friend and drinking buddy -- even though you have ever encountered him before!
This linking dialog line - "Evidently the suspicious characters have been searching for you...." - in Quest:Suspicious Characters in Dol Amroth is OK, but it implies some kind of contact with the Corsairs prior to the beginning qeust of the quest line: Quest:The City of Dol Amroth Which links directly from the Epic line Quest:Book 1: Chapter 9: A Message for Lothíriel
I.e. when you talk to the "Door Guard" at the city entrance, they start you on the quest string Quest: The City of Dol Amroth. However, the remainder of the Epic line has basically no significant contact with the Corsairs.
It might make sense if it followed the quests in Hashadîr.
I don't know if I missed a group of quests, of if Turbine did!
Now of course, this was all as of Beta 3 when I completed those quests. They did not seem to have changed in B4, but that is hard to tell without running another toon through the whole sequence.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 16:16, 9 July 2014 (UTC)

Quest Sequencing

On the related subject of Quest sequencing. I have not used the numbering scheme we used in other regions. I have listed the quest in the order I encountered them, but did not number them. Primarily because there is (seems to be?) much less formal gating in U14 than in the past. It seems that Turbine has gone back to its old mechanic of allowing the various quest hubs to be completed in any sequence, even though there are still vector quests. I suspect that this stems from their need to add "Rohirrim Scouts" to vector one to the starting quest-giver in each area because of people's inability to find "the next" quest, or ones they could complete for the deed.

Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 16:16, 9 July 2014 (UTC)
Aside from a peek at the Paths of the Dead, I haven't tried any of the new content on BR (I prefer to wait until release date), so thanks for the heads-up. The U14 livestream is coming up in a couple of hours; I'll ask about West Gondor quest sequencing/gating and hopefully get some clarification. -Laineth (talk) 17:14, 9 July 2014 (UTC)
Scratch that, something just came up and I may have to miss some or all of the livestream. :( -Laineth (talk) 17:34, 9 July 2014 (UTC)

Change the name of City of Dol Amroth to Dol Amroth

In my opinion, people looking for Dol Amroth are more likely to be looking for the City than the Rep. Faction. I reckon this should be changed:

"City of Dol Amroth" = "Dol Amroth"


"Dol Amroth" = "Dol Amroth (Reputation)". —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Thatrandomthing (Contribs • User Talk) at 16:51, 9 July 2014‎.

There is no good answer to this. Turbine has pretty much screwed us over. (We discussed this earlier at Talk:Dol Amroth)
Long before you reach the City, you are gaining reputation with "Dol Amroth". This is how all quests (except for the City Watch quests) grant reputation, and how it is listed in the Reputation log.
Had they been consistent, Turbine would have been granting reputation to "Men of Dol Amroth" or "The City of Dol Amroth."
All of the City Watch faction names are conveniently hyphenated -- "Dol Amroth - City Watch - Docks" -- or at least their tokens are. I didn't take a screen shot of the rep panel with the City Watch Reps, so I don't know for certain.
"City of Dol Amroth" was a much better solution than Dol Amroth Settlement that we started out with, but (other than the hassle of changing it) I'm not committed to maintaining it.
We can always bugger Template: Quest Rep the way it has been buggered already to accommodate other funky names. (And I just realized this template uses "doc=1" instead of "nocat=y"
-- argh! Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 03:07, 10 July 2014 (UTC)
Playing around a bit, it seems that "Dol Amroth (Faction)" would not require modifying the template -- but it seems almost as cumbersome as the original "Dol Amroth Settlement" monicker was. The category would become "Dol Amroth (Faction) Reputation Quests", and the reward entry:
Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Dol Amroth ( 300 )
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 03:23, 10 July 2014 (UTC)
As I'm looking through my screen shots from B4, I do have one of the Reputation Panel.
It does show the general faction as "Dol Amroth" and all of the individual district factions as "Dol Amroth - xxx"
Labeled as in the Deed: Dol Amroth - Buildings.
Anyone else have any comments? I would like to do the change this weekend if we are going to make one.
One solution would be to simply have one page -- Dol Amroth, and put the content from both on it..
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 21:59, 10 July 2014 (UTC)
I think people searching for 'Dol Amroth' are searching for the city primarily. The reputation faction is part of the city, the city is not part of the reputation faction. Therefore I prefer 'Dol Amroth' as name for the city, and 'Dol Amroth (faction)' for the reputation faction. Putting it all together in one page would be logical, but it would break the wiki continuity of splitting up city and reputation. On the other hand, Turbine broke continuity themselves so the wiki might follow, I guess? How would that work - could the quest rep template refer to a special reputation section of the Dol Amroth page?
Faratalath (talk) 22:30, 10 July 2014 (UTC)
Ok, how does this work. I've transcluded Dol Amroth (Faction) into Dol Amroth -- I think that makes sense from a readability point of view. So far I've only worked those two pages, so there are a lot of bad and broken links at the moment.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 01:00, 11 July 2014 (UTC)
I like this. Searching for Dol Amroth shows the city, but the reputation factor is easily reachable as well, and still has its own page. I've got time this weekend so if nobody disagrees, I would be able to run through the list and change all the City of Dol Amroth links to Dol Amroth.
Faratalath (talk) 17:47, 11 July 2014 (UTC)

Ok... with luck, I have successfully bot changed all of the "{{Quest Rep|Dol Amroth" entries to "{{Quest Rep|Dol Amroth (Faction)" - Which should move them all from Category: Dol Amroth Reputation Quests into Category: Dol Amroth (Faction) Reputation Quests

  • Now comes the Hard part - changing all of the City of Dol Amroth references to Dol Amroth. Some are easier to find than others. :) Happy hunting!.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 22:41, 11 July 2014 (UTC)
Right, I changed all references listed at this page linking to 'City of Dol Amroth'. Most actually didn't refer to the city page, but I updated them anyway so they were removed from the list. So what's left now is making sure all page that refer to 'Dol Amroth' actually refer to the city, and not to 'Dol Amroth (Faction)', which will take more time, if there are any of those references left at all. Also, could someone who's able to move and delete pages check the categorisation of Dol Amroth and the reputation faction? Right now, Category:Dol Amroth (might want to change that to Category:Dol Amroth (Faction) is meant as a category for the faction, and there is no category for the city itself (if that's necessary at all).
Faratalath (talk) 18:08, 13 July 2014 (UTC)
Ok, changed the category (Created the new and deleted the old). So far, I've not found any other issues. Thanks to all!
At the moment, at least, it does not appear that we need a category for the city itself. We'll see as time expands the info about the city. (Are we going to create pages for each "sector" for example. I'm inclined to think they are not worth the effort, but if somebody is ambitious...
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 22:58, 13 July 2014 (UTC)

changes to live

  1. First thing I noticed -- which I've bugged... the Stable-masters in Aldburg and Underharrow list the destinations as "The Waste" not "Western Gondor"
  2. Essence stuff has changed significantly -- essence gear and essences added to the Epic quest line so far.
  3. Unclear at the moment is level 95 and level 100 "Item: Medium Nadhin Shoulders" are really the same name, of if the level 100 ones have a new name since they added the level 95 ones.
  4. Also unclear if a new name has been added to Essences -- now Item: Major Essence of Might (rare-95) -- the "Major" is new.
  5. Item template needs to be modified to display Essence slots -- I'm currently adding -- "Flavor = "This item has 3 Essence slots" -- to compensate.
  6. virtually all quests have been "leveled up" to 96 or 97 from 95
  7. cash rewards changed on many
  8. SXP added to virtually all quests
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 19:16, 14 July 2014 (UTC)