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Village / Area / Naming Information

Staddle is one of those locations which use the same name for as well the settlement as the area. To distinguish between the two without being too confusing, and without overly explicit unasked for, we are using the terms:

  • The "village of Staddle" or "Staddle centre" refers to the very small settlement.
  • The "greater Staddle" refers to the area.
    The area stretches north along the road and begins halfway between Combe and Staddle centre but does not include the Crumbled Court, southwards including Little Staddlemere, eastwards including Constable Bolger's house until the Midgewater Marshes. From the southern walls of the Crumbled Court the area stretches eastwards and includes the bridge at Big Staddlemere, the farmsteads of Gammy Boggs and Eldo Swatmidge, and continues following the steep slope of the hill above Eldo's place until reaching the marshes. Thus the greater Staddle cuts off Chetwood in two unconnected sections.

Staddle does not contain too many services and features so hopefully this is a fair compromise without having to split info over two pages, for the settlement and for the area respectively.
Zimoon (talk) 03:40, 11 January 2012 (EST)