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Update: Book 13

Here's the official updated Mastery Component Index (By Profession)! I hope that this helps everyone looking for answers! It's not completely finished yet at there's a few missing recipes attached to the items, but mostly the information is there. Enjoy! Rogue 18:12, 25 April 2008 (PDT)

ROI Update

1- Do we have a flag that says ... Needs to be updated with ROI information?
2- I'm trying not to get sidetracked... "yet again!" So I'll leave this to others to fix. Note: See also
However, I noticed that Zimoon made a number of changes to crafting pages (which I do a lot of in-game). [I have issues with his wording. I don't believe it accurately describes the "Proficency/Mastery" and Quest relationships, which is what started me on this train... :)]
Looking at those pages, eventually led me to this page, where I noted that none of the T7 (Westfold) items (from ROI) are present on this page. Then to others, which do not link with most of the rest of the crafting pages... at least not from the "master" page -- Crafting -- where this is transcluded; and from the Category:Crafting)
There is probably a "double entry" needed for each T7 crit item per craft ...
3- looking at Category:Crafting, there are apparently a number of unlinked Crafting "stuff" categories ... a couple which I ran across which should be linked in to Category:Crafting:
  • Category:Ingredient Items which -- should really be called Category:Crafting Ingredient Items
  • There is also Category:Component Items. I'm not certain what, if any, difference there is between these two categories, or if they should both be combined and renamed either Category:Crafting Component Items or Category:Crafting Ingredient Items -- I don't know what Turbine's current preference is. )
  • Category:Profession Items which, similarly should be called Category:Crafting Profession Items
  • Category:Tool Items should be renamed Category:Crafting Tool Items.
  • Category:Crafting Scrolls should be linked in
Linking these errant categories into Category:Crafting is easily and quickly done, renaming them, not so easy.
Oh yeah, and why are "Superior" crafting facilities also in Category:Crafting Effects? ... or for that matter, why does the category exist at all?
I have looked at those crafting facilities and interpret the situation such as (taking an Oven as example, just 4 letters):
  • An Oven is a cooking facility which is under crafting facilities. Because there are only two such types and the Crafting Facilities category ain't exactly overwhlming there is no need to create a [[Category:Cook Crafting Facilities]] but can go into the larger group. We both agree on this, right?
  • An Oven causes an effect to Cooks within range, visible as a small icon. Here we come to a fork-road, should we create an "Oven (Effect)" article which essentially becomes a one-liner which more or less tells you that "The Oven effect is applied on Cooks within range of an Oven and enables them to cook, see Oven." In my humble opinion that is overkill, but indeed I have no argument but "overkill" against somebody doing that (and then consistently for all such pages). Until then having them in the Crafting Effect category makes sense.
Personally I am fine with "mixed articles" that are informative and inform about both the effect and the item as such. Perhaps these facility-pages should be completed with a header and a section about the effect the generate. Go ahead and do that and all by a suddenly they really should be in the effects category :)
Zimoon (talk) 15:04, 23 November 2011 (EST)
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC (talk) 19:59, 22 November 2011 (EST)

1: There is Template:Stub/Expansion

2: It would probably help to include a note on the crit item pages linking to the recipe that produces them. (i.e. Bit of Pure Calenard should link to the High-grade Skarn Ore.) It's challenging to get everything up to date at once because in the Westfold tier there are so many ingredients shared between professions, so to be complete on every page you really need tier 7 crafters of each type. I have some, but not all.

3: I imagine the crafting facilities are categorized as effects because when you are in the presence of one you receive an effect that lets you use crafting recipes. The Oven page is doubling as the effect page and an index of locations (albeit an incomplete one at the moment).

I'm leaving other discussion points to people who know more about categories. ;) -- Elinnea (talk) 22:08, 22 November 2011 (EST)

Now I will look into the items one by one:
  1. Possibly, but I am far from level 65 and up so...
  2. Which quests or what was that, sorry that I have not seen this before but was hinted to look this way today. I believe I have only taken away obsolete quests, have I not? Or did I mix up Expert X Proficiency with Master Expert X? The latter is corrected I believe. There was a lot of old dust to clean out but I usually revisit and revisit again until it looks celan and tidy ;)
    Good to hear that you craft a lot, great, I never mind anybody stalking me (only if an in-flight edit-conflict happens :P ) and I think I am done with the crafting quests and NPCs, please walk over the Profession pages and verify, if yo have the time?
  3. I see your point but on the other hand, Professions only exist as crafters, they are not even mixed with Vocations. All others are Classes. Thence I do not really see the problem from a more pragmatic view. You are correct but is it worth the trouble? Remember that sub-categories does not have to have long descriptive names, their parents determine their purpose too. But they must have a unique name.
    • Just follow same rules as in object orientation for classes and the categories will be fine, no matter their names: an object is categorized for the characteristics it has, or for what it is. And categories should not be used instead of links between pages, something I have found some recently.
Indeed we have some cleaning to do here and there, but I wonder if it ain't easier to begin in a smaller scope, probably at the bottom and work ones way to the top. Or at least that is what I do with locations, and The Shire is soon done :) But there was a lot of crap at the bottom, and some locations indeed caused a massive wave of side-effects into quests, NPCs, and only Gandalf knows what. The most recent wave is rooted in Michel Delving's Craft-fair which I think came out pretty neat (not to mention some quest-stubs added, stubs indeed). A few more NPCS and then another turn or two over The Shire and then on to Ered Luin :D
Zimoon (talk) 15:28, 23 November 2011 (EST)