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Grey and White

Given that each incarnation has its own lore, appearance, and role in the story, should we have two separate pages for Gandalf the Grey versus Gandalf the White? Or separate sections of this page? -- JnK (talk) 11:45, 21 April 2012 (EDT)

I would vote for the same page. Personally I am not a fan of multiple pages for same character, it fills no purpose really and is just user unfriendly. The Grey versus White is a timeline thing, it is still the same Gandalf (though, revived at Ilúvatar's allowance), so I guess people wanting an overview want it at one place. Even if I have added some People pages lately I try to keep them short, there are many great sites we can have external links to ;)
Compared to other time-line guys (e.g. Halbarad, Saeradan), Gandalf is special. He travels to and fro a lot more so I am undecided on the best presentation. Perhaps, as you are suggesting, a split on Grey and White would do for the lore and quests. And probably keep his side-projects (Anniversary fireworks and such) at the Grey side. I'll make a first polishing right away and you go ahead and add the White stuff. BTW, thanks for your great contributions, you deserve a big thanks every now and then :)
-- Zimoon (talk) 04:14, 22 April 2012 (EDT)