Sue Foxglove

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Sue Foxglove
Image of Sue Foxglove
Title Scholar's Guild Scroll Trader
Gender Female
Race Man
Region The Trollshaws
Area Rivendell Valley
Settlement The Last Homely House
Interior Scholar's Guild-hall
Map Ref [29.6S, 3.3W]


Sue Foxglove is the former Scroll Trader of the Scholar's Trader found inside the Scholar's Guild-hall in The Last Homely House in Rivendell, at the first floor on the southern side.

There are also other unnamed members of the guild from whom the Scrolls can be bartered:


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Medium Expert Scroll-icon.png Medium Expert Scroll Small Expert Scroll-icon.png 7 Small Expert Scrolls
Medium Artisan Scroll-icon.png Medium Artisan Scroll Small Artisan Scroll-icon.png 7 Small Artisan Scrolls
Medium Master Scroll-icon.png Medium Master Scroll Small Master Scroll-icon.png 7 Small Master Scrolls
Large Master Scroll-icon.png Large Master Scroll Medium Master Scroll-icon.png 5 Medium Master Scrolls
Medium Supreme Scroll-icon.png Medium Supreme Scroll Small Supreme Scroll-icon.png 7 Small Supreme Scrolls
Large Supreme Scroll-icon.png Large Supreme Scroll Medium Supreme Scroll-icon.png 5 Medium Supreme Scrolls
Medium Westfold Scroll-icon.png Medium Westfold Scroll Small Westfold Scroll-icon.png 7 Small Westfold Scrolls
Large Westfold Scroll-icon.png Large Westfold Scroll Medium Westfold Scroll-icon.png 5 Medium Westfold Scrolls
Medium Eastemnet Scroll-icon.png Medium Eastemnet Scroll Small Eastemnet Scroll-icon.png 7 Small Eastemnet Scrolls
Large Eastemnet Scroll-icon.png Large Eastemnet Scroll Medium Eastemnet Scroll-icon.png 5 Medium Eastemnet Scrolls
Medium Westemnet Scroll-icon.png Medium Westemnet Scroll Small Westemnet Scroll-icon.png 7 Small Westemnet Scrolls
Large Westemnet Scroll-icon.png Large Westemnet Scroll Medium Westemnet Scroll-icon.png 5 Medium Westemnet Scrolls