Storm-caller's Raiment (100)

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This is a Lore-master armour set acquired at Glân Vraig in the Ettenmoors.


Lore-master trader Dayna, Glân Vraig

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Armour Sets Item Level 192
Light Gloves 33 (PVMP)-icon.png Storm-caller's Gloves Commendation-icon.png 4,000 Commendations
Light Shoes 31 (PvMP)-icon.png Storm-caller's Boots Commendation-icon.png 4,000 Commendations
Light Leggings 30 (PvMP)-icon.png Storm-caller's Trousers Commendation-icon.png 6,000 Commendations
Light Robe 25 (PvMP)-icon.png Storm-caller's Robe Commendation-icon.png 7,500 Commendations
Light Shoulders 34 (PvMP)-icon.png Storm-caller's Pauldrons Commendation-icon.png 6,000 Commendations
Light Head 42 (PvMP)-icon.png Storm-caller's Circlet Commendation-icon.png 7,500 Commendations


Totals (including set bonuses): +18 Audacity, <pending>
Storm-caller's Raiment
Light Head 42 (PvMP)-icon.pngLight Shoulders 34 (PvMP)-icon.pngLight Robe 25 (PvMP)-icon.pngLight Gloves 33 (PVMP)-icon.pngLight Leggings 30 (PvMP)-icon.pngLight Shoes 31 (PvMP)-icon.png


Lore-master Audacity Set.jpg