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Stances are toggled abilities that alter various aspects of a character, such as damage dealt or block rate.

The following are the stances available to certain classes. Note: most of these were removed with the Helm's Deep expansion, and the Hunter, Minstrel and Warden now are the only classes with stances, and they NEED to have one as they can only been changed, and not removed without selecting another. Even their stances have been somewhat altered.


Stance Description
Mischief-icon.png Mischief Reduced Power Cost on Tricks, and Riddle recovery time. Allows some abilities to be used, but cannot Sneak.
Quiet Knife-icon.png Quiet Knife Increases positional and melee damage while reducing perceived threat.
Gambler-icon.png Gambler +5% Evade chance and Gamble Damage, debuffs target's Resist Rating when removing Tricks.


Stance Description
Guardian's Defence-icon.png Guardian's Defence Increased chance to block, less shield wear from blocks.
Overpower-icon.png Overpower Increased damage, parry chance, and critical damage multiplier. Reduces evasion, armour, and mitigations.
Guardian's Threat-icon.png Guardian's Threat +20% Perceived Threat, small defensive bonuses. Legendary Trait required


Stance Description
Minstrel stance dissonance 16x16.png Dissonance - Stance A damage stance. Your heals become self only, Ballad damage bonus, several skills change.
Minstrel stance melody 16x16.png Melody - Stance A neutral Stance. Ballad damage bonus, outgoing healing bonus, several skills change.
Minstrel stance resonance 16x16.png Resonance - Stance A healing stance. Outgoing healing bonus, several skills change.


Stance Description
Stance Strength-icon.png Stance: Strength Increased shot damage, power cost, and threat. Quick shot snares targets.
Stance Precision-icon.png Stance: Precision Reduces enemy evasion chance. Quick shot has increased critical chance.
Stance Endurance-icon.png Stance: Endurance Reduced power costs and threat. Quick shot produces less threat.


Stance Description
Determination Stance-icon.png In the Fray - Stance Adjusts stance to deal with enemies in melee combat.
Assailment-icon.png Assailment - Stance Adjusts stance to attack from afar. Spear gambit builders and masteries generate a Javelin icon, and several gambits become ranged.