Spit-tail (3-man)

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This page is about the boss in the 3-man instance The Water Wheels: Nalâ-dûm. For the lizard that appears in a solo quest instance, see Spit-tail (Solo)
Level: 61
Instance: The Water Wheels: Nalâ-dûm

Type: Elite Master
Genus: Beast
Species: Lizard

Morale: 38,020
Power: 2,713
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Neutral )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: True
Root Immune: True
Cry: Fair
Song: Fair
Tactical: Fair
Physical: Fair
Common: Average AncientDwarf: Average
Fire: Average Beleriand: Average
Light: Average Westernesse: Average
Shadow: Average Frost: Average
Lightning: Average

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


Spit-tail is found in the 3-man instance The Water Wheels: Nalâ-dûm, in the Water-works in Moria. It is found at the crossroads downstairs.


In the beginning, Spit-tail comes with two small lizards. These need to be killed soon, because they can call smaller lizards, thus ending in an infinite number of lizards. After these are killed you can concentrate on Spit-tail again, until again two lizards will appear who have to be taken out. After the second adds it is only bringing down the boss.


Bracelet 33 (rare)-icon.pngOne-handed Club 1 (rare)-icon.png

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