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[EU] Evernight

(Link to Monster Play Tribes)

  • The Reddhirrim The Reddhirrim is the offical Reddit kinship on Evernight. If you're looking to just relax and have a chill time, check us out. Have Discord chat/voice server (optional). Also, we have pie and cake!
  • Return of the Kin Over 120 active members, Discord server, kinship planner, and dedicated officer team, Return of the Kin is a friendly kinship that offers a bit of everything for everyone. As a new kinship (we began in October 2018) we have welcomed many returning players who miss the good ol' days. We provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where every member is heard. For more information, please visit us on facebook!
  • Morning Star Morning Star is the personal Kin of Luthian. Friends are welcome to place alts or mains in the Kin.
  • C I R C U S An active friendly kin with players hailing from all parts of the world.
  • Eveningstar - Perhaps the oldest kin in Evernight, founded by Nenyal. Its mostly famous for being the kin of the epic champion of champions Erquelinin. We are back, so if you wanna know more information about the kin visit us at
  • Echelon If you are looking for an international kinship to enjoy courteous end game raiding, then look no further. “Echelon” is a kinship and alliance which reaches out to cap level players. Our alliance is supervised by a committee of kinship leaders who uphold our core values of tolerance, civility and cooperation. We welcome all classes who are cap level and wishing to expand their raiding with good-natured players. If you are interested in joining our kinship and alliance, please register your interest on our website by clicking here and we will get back to you.
  • Ale drinkers of middle earth Welcome to Ale drinkers of middle earth the kinship for you. Every one is welcome. We have only one rule and that is that evry one in the kinship has to join our homepage. We are a new started kinship that looking for people. We are very helpful and friendly and we want you to help us to be one of the leading kinship of Evernight. We are not super serious but we are looking for a good time :) Please write on our forum and we will send an invite soon :D*
  • The Avengers – The Avengers is a gaming guild. Our roots are lying with Lord of the Rings Online, but are starting to infect other games as well. We are a kinship with a good mixture of experience, youth, casual and dedicated players. Besides the usual questing and saving middle earth, we help our members out where we can. To outfit our players we have a full range of SM crafters. A long list of end level players make our weekly raids possible. Teamspeak is available to improve the fun and communications.
  • The Bastion of Hope The Bastion of Hope is friendly level 10 kinship in the Lotro Evernight [EU] server. We accept players from any level, age or nationality. We are not a hardcore raiding kin. We tend to take it easy, albeit at times when someone needs help some runs raging from the Great burrow to Skumfil are arranged for anyone to join (unless it is too hard for that specific level of player). We are not the least bit strict in recruiting policies. Conversations are never hostile, and are usually quite laid back, or about advice or simply sharing humorous experiences and memories with other friends. The players are friendly, helpful and we have some very good craftsmen. We also have a kinship house in Bree. At the heart of the kinship the officers are usually the most experienced levelled, or just longest standing players (People who have been around the longest). Many players that had detached from the former Kinship "The Burning Legion" re-met here and created this kin, then inviting new players. We have players from levels 1-60, and from all over europe. Contact us at any time in game, and you will probably be accepted.
  • The Blade Reforged – The Blade Reforged is a long established Rank 10 kinship originally from the Withywindle server. We welcome players of all levels, classes, and abilities to our kinship. Feel free to visit our beautifully decorated island kin home complete with crafting stations on Tol Lochul, Arvirion. Our kin also has available (in addition to our website), a TS3 chat server, and a Facebook page. You can contact us in-game by typing Reforged into the social search or apply on our website so we can find you in-game. We look forward to welcoming you to our kin!
  • Blazing Saddles We are a recently formed Kinship, founded by two UK ladies who enjoy casual play with a sence of humour and respect for our fellow players. We enjoy all aspects of the game; battling, crafting, role-playing and festival fun, and support each other when needed. We welcome new and casual players of all levels and classes, and when you meet one of our members on your journey we hope you will find us to be considerate, fair and willing to help if we can. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to contact any of our members for an invite.
  • The Brasse South African Rank 10 English speaking kinship transferred to Evernight from the Eldar server. We have been together for a few years now and enjoy helping others out as we go. We cater mainly for new players as we would like to grow together as a tight-knit community. We take it easy most of the time although we do enjoy running a few instances now and then. We have dooswyn.
  • Comunidad NPI - Comunidad NPI is a friendly Spanish kinship formed years ago from many games included mmorpgs, for sure. We are if not the most, one of the most active Spanish kinships on Evernight server, in Europe, we raid with many Spanish kinships too, Helegrod, Rift, or whatever we need to do. We are a really helpful community and if necessary we do thousands of times any quest for helping friends and other kinships mates. We are not an elite kinship, we relay our efforts on being a strong and friendly community above everything. We play another games together and we use always even not playing TS2 (Teamspeak). We have strong brotherhood with other Spanish kinships too. Visit our forum and enjoy.
  • The Danish Knights The Danish knights are a kinship , whose purpose is to gather as many Danes in a kinship , to achieve a lot of fun with raids , events and so on . We're probably the only and the newest Danish kinship on the server. If it is of any interest to anyone, we can be contacted ingame on: lootu , looti , mismis or mistinker
  • Dark Legacy -The Dark Legacy kinship is a friendly kinship full of players that will eagerly help each other out. It was founded by Hartoles (IGN). We have a Dark Legacy Council, which consists of 11 officers, that makes improvements, suggestions or new laws for the kin to put to a vote and pass. We do all sorts of things in game: Skirmishes, Quests, Fellowship runs through instances, Raids and More. We accept any class and lvl; experienced or new, it doesn't matter. We accept all interested players. Players must not stay offline for more than 30 days; otherwise, they will have to leave the kinship.
  • The Dark Spirits - The Dark Spirits is a new kinship recruiting all levels, classes and races. We are focused on having fun in the game while helping each other out when needed. As the kinship grows, we will start having kinship events and develop also other functions. At the moment our policy is to promote everyone above the level 25 to an officer. To be a kinsman/kinswoman, the players have to reach lvl 10. Most of our members are between levels 10 and 45 - allowing us to find questing partners easily and to level up together. To join, send a tell or a letter to Daelyn in the game.
  • Defenders of Eriador The Defenders of Eriador are an over 18 neo-riading kinship on Evernight. We are a fun kin but with a serious aim of helping our members to develop their fellowship skills towards high end raiding. We are a level 10 kin (as is everyone...) with a fully active forum and events calendar. In the year we run a series of training runs to help members excel in their class and really develop the skills necessary to be an effective team member. We don't do too many rules and we aim to be fun. Over 18 because we are very comfortable with each other and know what we can and cannot say to each other and that can get pretty robust.
  • The Dirakeles Pack RAWR We are the brave Dirakeles pack with our alpha Diraks and Field-Masters Doaluk and Wargstein, we are a cool pack that will like puppys. Requirements : A bit of discipline , Dirakeles surname , Warg class for sure , and be kind :D i hope i meet you in game in Ettens! :D
  • The Dúnedain Rangers The Dúnedain Rangers is a partially role-playing kinship on Evernight. This kin is very special and unique in its ranks and outfit system. There are 7 ranks in the kin - Recruit, Officer, High Officer, Morale General, Ranged General, Melee General, Leader. Ten Recruits (kin members) of the same class are under the command of one class Officer, while every Officer is under the command of a High Officer of the same class. Cloak colour is determined by the rank - olive for Recruit, navy for Officer, gold for High Officer, and olive for the Lieutenants. Also umber for members of the Riders Battalion (every Warden joins the Riders Battalion), and used to be olive for leader, but the kinsfolk wanted to change it. Members of this kinship try to help everyone they see in the way. If you break one of the rules, you get lowered to a Recruit, below every other player for an amount of time, adding a day every time you break a rule again. For more info visit the website or contact one of our Officers or High Officers. They can be found here
  • The Eldar (The website listed here is inactive and is shown for archival purposes only at present!) 'The Eldar' is a friendly, easy going kinship of Evernight with members ready to answer your questions and aid you if you need help. 'The Eldar' was originally created by Tegalad and has been "rebooted" since its original creation by new leader Benwhalebutler Wrongtrousers. 'The Eldar' name is based upon the Elven theme of The Eldar of Middle-Earth however we welcome ALL races and all ages, levels, and classes. We have a lovely, huge, new Kin House in the Belfalas Homesteads at 2 Silver Street, Alagaer! (The Leader's House is next door at 2 Swan Lane!) The Eldar is awaiting you! We hope to be seeing you in-game soon!
  • Evernight's Legends Above all a social kin. Most important thing is that the members enjoy the game, and of course the family (that's how we call the kin). Most of us are not just here to play a game, but are part of the Middle Earth family. Lead by a King, a Queen and a First Officer, with only a few officers, all adult and experienced players. Our magic word is 'active'. We wanna be an active kin, and therefore we have one important rule. When you haven't been online for 65 days without notice, you'll be expelled. You can always come back, but we don't carry 'dead weight'. Furthermore we aren't always that serious. We can be if we have to though. And you can often find some of us gathering by the fence at Bree South Gate. Feel free to join us there, we won't bite, I hope... :)
Also feel free to visit our website. When you like it, you can even join the site when not a member of the kin in-game.
  • The Fellowship of Guardians is a friendly and helpful kinship. We love Middle-Earth and while we are having fun making our journey, we help each other for no reward other than the pleasure of it. We like to explore the instances and beat the enemies without any cheating. We are open to any player that wants to enter into our family and join our journey in Middle-Earth. We are the proud FoG members.
The war is upon us, the Free Peoples need our aid. Lets unite under the same banner with the same purpose. Have you the will to challenge the power of the shadow?. Have you the strength to defeat it?. Will you answer the Call of The Free Peoples?
Join us and fight against the darkness!! Recruitment: We always accept new players, who want to explore and travel Middle-Earth, to join The Fellowship Of Guardians. We want players that like to have lots of fun and have an awesome time but don't just want to rush to the end game. We want players that enjoy every single bit that Middle-Earth and FoG have to offer. If you think your place is here then just apply. A Kinship is a brotherhood, where everyone is willing to land a hand when others need it, even if sometimes we can't. See you in Middle-Earth!
  • Fire And Death - Fire and Death! Don't let our foreboding name fool you, we're a casual kin looking for friendly and social members who love to talk as much as we do. We are a rank 10 Kinship with a Kinship house and we welcome all races, classes and levels. If you're interested in joining, or want to know more info about us, send us a tell in-game!
  • Flames of Anor – Kinship Brasileira. Estamos em busca de novos membros, players que sejam ativos, gostem de ajudar independente do nível. Procure um dos membros da kin no jogo. Recrutadores: *Anktsunamun *Kulak *Karuzinho *Agnetha *Smanta *Magoescuro *Facasemfio *Feramis. Bom jogo a todos!
  • Forsaken Realm – Forsaken Realm is a bunch of friends that has been tied together through several games starting on EverQuest where the guild was very successful and later on in other games both with and without the Forsaken Realm tag. For more information feel free to contact Gwarg in game.
  • Free Spirits - Free Spirits is a casual mature non-hardcore guild. We don't push people to get level 65 as fast as possible and we don't force people to be online every moment. We are a helpful kinship with a relaxed atmosphere with a few crazy members here and there and we are trying to have a good time here in middle-earth. If you are looking for a kinship to level in without being pushed to get max level as fast as possible, to get help here and there when you can't handle something alone, and don't want to go for hardcore end-gaming, to have fun...then we are the kinship for you! See our revamped website & forum... Free Spirits was founded by Elora on 27 April 2007. We have about 80 members in all levels. Elora has now stepped down as leader and our current kinship leader is Rarin.
  • Friesian Guards – Dutch speaking Kinship with players of all levels, founded by Friesianking a player from the province of Friesland in The Netherlands. We like levelling together and help each other. We have a Kinshiphouse in Duffwall where all kinship members can use the storage boxes to share items they don't need and others may. Wanna join us? Contact Friesianking.
  • Friskyttarna - Swedish Kinship Friskyttarna is a Swedish online gaming community that shares the view that the individual behind the keyboard is more important than the digital character they represent in the game. That basic idea is the foundation of our community. Our motto is: friendship, helpfulness and respect. Within our ranks, elitism and hardcore attitudes does not exist. We encourage and applaud a more balanced approach to gameplay, allowing a normal life with full-time work, study, family, children and other interests to go hand-in-hand with your representation in the game. Humour, joy-filled minds and non-combat social activities is always close to our hearts. Therefore, we strive to conduct festivals, competitions and other forms of events on a regular basis as a supplement to regular PvE and PvP activities. Do you share our view of gaming and have a happy and mature attitude, you are welcome to become a part of our community. For information on how to apply, or to get more information about our Kinship and community, head on over to our site and forum: Friskyttarna
  • From Dutch Till Dawn – Dutch/Belgian Kinship with players of all levels. Our most important goal is to have a fun time while spending our time in Middle Earth. We have low level players questing together and high level players doing raids or PvP. In short: something for every player! So if you're Dutch/Belgian, join us!! Contact Tenolas if you want to join us or go to our homepage.
  • Graipe - Graipe is an active kinship on Evernight. We are a Rank 6 kinship with our own website. We are focussed on having a good time on lotro with everyone and just have fun. Furthermore we do instances and raids to. People of all levels and classes are welcome. Want to join send a tell to: Deathadler, Thornclad, Extria, Avantica, Hydragon, Alkana, Santios, Barbarus, Soalm,C riziz or Highborn. We hope to see you soon on Evernight. :)
  • Guardian Force - we are a casual playing kinship based in Mansfield (England) and currently made up of a group of close real life friends. We are looking to expand the kinship for the sake of the in-game community. We have been playing as a team through many games including Final Fantasy XI, Guild Wars , SWG and Unreal Tournament (we have been previously known as Guardian Force UK but LOTRO considers this bad language ¬¬). We are all experienced gamers aged between 21-30 and are composed of both men and women. We are a very open minded group who enjoy playing with people of similar interests, if you're looking for a Kinship who will offer a bit of friendly advice or some chat when your feeling a little lonely in middle earth then send a tell to Diablos and I'll ask you a few questions to see if your suitable. Over 18's only please. Especially looking for Tinkers and Lore-Masters. N.B. Thanks to the super friendly helpful mod staff at codemasters/turbine we are getting our old Guild Name of "Guardian Force " back!
  • Héroes de Leyenda - Héroes de Leyenda is a veteran Spanish LOTRO kinship well known among the Spanish community. We are an active kinship formed by mature and friendly players. Despite we have a hardcore group of high level characters, we also welcome the casual and low level players :) Our Kinship rules are simple and based on the respect and common sense. Many aspects of the kinship gameplay experience are driven by our web page and our forum, so to be part of our kinship is required an active participation on the forums. Also, Spanish knowledge is required as we are an Spanish speaking kinship. If you are interesting in joining us, please visit our web page and read the complete rules before applying. Honor y Coraje para los Héroes de Leyenda!
  • Italians Stormriders - It's an Italian guild, full of friendly people that help each other, exchanging materials for crafting and sharing knowledge. Contact KEDRYN in game [ITALIAN] Gilda di italiani per italiani... se cercate aiuto, consigli, o anche solo compagnia, unitevi a noi. Contattate Kedryn in gioco.
  • The Kings Guard We are a helpful, relaxed, and friendly kinship and are the first kinship on the Evernight server to have a uniform (optional, not forced) - all of our members are Officers and we have a kinship house in Limdel, Falathlorn, Erid Luin. We are doing raid runs, class item runs and book quests but we also have fun nights ranging from Hide & Seek in Thorin's Hall to our own kin music band in Middle Earth. We have a busy kinship with plenty of people online daily and kin chat is always amusing with over 500 members and we will continue to recruit any level and class of player. Any age, and any nationality, are welcome but please remember that we are primarily an English-speaking group of over-16s.
  • Legion of Isengard - We enjoy chat with each other, sharing craft items and building the kinship. We started the kinship during December 2010 so have nothing but enthusiasm. The kinship is open to all ages, and all chat will be appropriate for younger members. In order to join email us at We need your character name of course so we can send an invite. And tell us something interesting (your timezone would be helpful).
  • 'The Lord of the Drinks' - Among the oldest kinships ever. Founded 2 days after launch of LOTRO on the Eldar server. Founded as a 100% Danish Kinship (dk)(today disbanded) and reformed as an International Kinship (EU) (founded ½ year af the mother kinship) of players of every age and from all of Europe. Room for everyone, heart for every friend & hate to the dark forces in Eriador. The kinship is at the highest lifespan, we are a social, pro-raiding kin - and we have it all. Read our fascinating history here - The Story Untold. LotD is turning 10 years old in a few weeks, and old players and members are comming back to the old kinship. We try our best to come upbeat with the many changes. Contact ingame Jaxxstar, Bladnach or Eamaran.
  • The Lost Alliance The Lost Alliance was formed with several players from the kinships: Definition of Might and the Jesters of Middle Earth, we have ensured that our kinship is a place for adult, relaxed players to meet and have fun together. We don't like to think of ourselves as a hardcore kinship, but we do enjoy doing raids and instances, whilst having fun in any event we may be doing :) After all it is a game and it's here to enjoy with others!
Since free to play we have several new players already but are always looking for others to join our family of friends! For any more information visit our website at: and remember our most important rule: Have fun and help all others to have fun too!
  • The New Age Outlaws The New Age Outlaws were founded in 2014, and have now grown to be a rank 10 kinship with a kin house and weekly group activities. We are a close-knit kin that love to help each other out while having a blast! The Outlaws are big on crafting and members have access to the kin storage, ripe with supplies for all vocations, as well as crafting workplaces (farm land, oven, forge, workbench, study) available at the kinhouse. Every member who joins gets their very own welcome gift! We communicate and assist each other through kin-chat, our mumble & discord servers, our facebook group, and our website.
  • Noldarian Crafters is an expanding rank 7 Kinship focused mainly on crafting and providing reasonable prices for crafted items. Our members are encouraged and assisted with crafting, but no one is pressured to perform. Interested in joining? All you need to do is meet a member in game. Please note: we do not allow profanity or swearing by anyone in this Kinship.
  • TOB website for applications and further info The Outlaw Brotherhood [Est. 2011] is a truly international English speaking kinship. Whilst many of our players also speak other languages we ask players to use mainly English when using kin chat. We are inclusive, helpful and have experienced officers that can help you develop your characters and achieve gaming excellence. Players are assigned a 'brother' upon joining, have access to specialist knowledge and items to help you through the game and when ready can join the raid team. We look forward to your company, especially evenings, To the Kegs!
  • Kalevala Syndicate is a Finnish-speaking and Finns only rank 10 kinship. The kinship is recruiting new members and welcomes friendly and well-mannered Finnish speaking players willing to follow our few kinship rules to join the kinship. We are a casual community that aims to create a relaxed and friendly team spirit within its guilds. We organize raids and other events on regular basis for those that enjoy playing as a team and like to face the enemy together. Good reputation and respect for other players is important to us - thus our members are expected to be polite and helpful and behave in a mature way towards all players in all situations. We wish to maintain the relaxed playing style in our guilds. That is, we have no mandatory participation in raids or other expectations and tight rules making playing less fun for casual gamers and people with families. All guilds accept new Finnish-speaking members. Olemme rento kasuaali henkinen aikuisille suunnattu 11.5.2007 perustettu Suomalainen MMO- pelaajayhteisö, jonka tarkoituksena on mahdollistaa samanhenkisen peliseuran löytäminen, sekä tarjota jäsenille monipuoliset työkalut pelikokemusten jakamiseen ja yhteydenpitoon. Yhteisö ja pelikillat toimivat herramiesperiaatteella pelaajat ennen peliä ja hyvä maine on meille kunnia-asia. Tutustu foorumilla yhteisömme toimintaperiaatteisiin, sääntöihin ja eri pelikiltojen toimintaan, ennen kuin anot jäsenyyttä yhteisöön ja yksittäiseen pelikiltaan. Jokaiselta jäseneltä vaaditaan hyväksytty jäsenhakemus, vaatimuksina Suomenkielentaito, täysi-ikäisyys ja toiset pelaajat huomioiva moitteeton hyvä käytös. Tervetuloa pelikillan ja yhteisömme jäseneksi! Kalevala Syndicate
  • Pipe Weed Smokers - We are a rank 10 kinship which has been operating now for 11 years. We have a fb group for in game social events, general chat and information which you can find on the link at our Facebook Page/Groups. We are a small kinship but are always around doing various things like deeds quests etc. We are currently looking for new recruits please contact an Officer online or send a message via our Facebook Page if you are interested or have any questions. We are currently working on all our essence armour and in game instances for fun and laughs remember everyone has to learn. Please visit our Facebook Page.
  • Portucale Electus – Portucale Electus is a new Portuguese kinship that provides a professional approach to the game. Like any new kinship we are looking to recruit new Portuguese members to our kin that enjoy stunning fellowship manoeuvres. This kin is open to any Portuguese with a bit of braincells... :)
  • Pupils of the Istari :We are a medium sized kin that has been around since the beginning of LoTRO, and we are looking particularly for any newcomers to the game (of any level), who are English speaking (we're not all Brits we have some Dutch people and others) and 16+ that are wanting to ultimately do end game activities, and who are willing to learn and listen! In return we offer to give you the experience and items you need to make this a reality, along with all the bells and whistles you expect from a Kin (crafters, house, consumables etc.). We are a raiding Kinship (see this thread for our Ost Dunhoth progress, and this thread for all other progress (everything else cleared in full) but we are also a very social Kin! :For any further information or if you are interested please contact: :Xandarien, Galavorn, Asilieth, Amphoras or Illyador!
  • raiders of Eriador rank 6 kinship we are a small kin looking to expand greatly we are all friends and have so much fun and having fun makes it so much easier when your doing hard quests or grinding through your profession we are looking to raid and have regular events,we also have team speak which we all go on a private server and share information and aid others we except every class and will make u feel welcome plus don't forget that kin house!!! we are aiming to just have fun and get on with the game we don't want nerds or boring people we want normal down to earth folk so if u have any questions pm either my self (Tomathelm) of any of my officers (Xtrolidor, Gormer, Berathil or Khazkil) come on don't think about it just do it will be a good choice ;)
  • The Rangers Of Evendim - are you alone in Middle-Earth, join then our forces :D ! It's a cool friendly and helpful kinship. we can help you with quests or maybe armour and stuff :)
we hope that you join our kinship. we are a kinship for all countries in the world, for all peoples and all races. The leader of this kinship is Blacklory. Our kinship doings a lot of events, horse races, party's, Skirmishes, Raids and instances and sometimes Ettens. I hope you are interested to join our power of the rangers! Dunedain rules the world! :D , Officers : Firepender and Borkstein.
  • The Reavers is a fun, friendly and fantastic Rank 9 kinship, where we like to chat, laugh and most importantly – defend the Free Folk from the Shadow of Mordor. We accept all levels, races, classes and professions, and it doesn't matter if you've been playing for 10 years or 10 minutes! The only rule is you must be over the age of 16. You can always ask kinnies for help, advice and items you need, and we're always holding kin parties and events to give us an excuse to get together! Join The Reavers and you're becoming part of our family. We have a dedicated Teamspeak channel, a Fb group, and are in the process of setting up our own website! If you'd like to join us, feel free to send an in game tell (or mail) to Daenadis or Rebelo.
  • Riders of Helm's Heep Our kinship exists since 2013, and we have grown to a mature kinship since then. We founded this kinship because we were fed up with our old kins only focussing on high level players and ignoring the new players. At full rank 10, we have lots of members from all over the world. A big variety in skills, levels and interests is what makes our kin so colourful. We excel in helping out new players to get good grip on the game. We have are officers dedicated to raiding and kin events. Send a /tell to kin leader Inveroar or ask in World Chat for an officer of RoHD to find out more about us or for an invite! Please be aware that there is a kin called Riders of Helms Deep without the apostrophe. That's *not* us. Only join the real one!
  • The Ringbearers - One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. The Ringbearers are open to all ages but full acceptance on maturity is down to our officers. we are a casual soon to be raiding kinship on Evernight primarily focused on group activity, mostly with level-cap instances and raiding, but with an emphasis on enjoyment and good spirit. Being a rank 10 Kinship we have everything you expect from a once leading kin on the server including a beautiful kinship house in Celondim. Our members come from all over the world and have a wealth of knowledge in instances, crafting and levelling. We are currently looking for members to continue on our conquest of Middle Earth. For any futher information or if you are interested please contact: Alfthalion, Andosi, Arlette, Ceidd, Dragwig, Mugwald, Quarrjon, Seros, Sulladan
I would like to invite all Polish players, together with our Kinship, for the best fun in the world of Lord of The Rings Online. We do not set any requirements for the race, profession or class of characters, we are open to all new people who are just beginning their adventure in the world of LOTRO. We do not want from you boundless dedication. We prefer the good fun. In our Kinship We focus on development of our community, we help with levelling, We support with experience, and specially crafted items. If you feel alone among the thousands of people move through Middle Earth, you are cramped in your small house, please contact Crismoda or one of our officers. Please also visit our Kinship Forum:
Chciałabym zaprosić Was, wraz z Naszym Kinem, do wspaniałej zabawy w świecie Lord of The Rings Online. Nie stawiamy żadnych wymagań odnośnie rasy, profesji czy klasy postaci, jesteśmy otwarci na nowe osoby które dopiero co zaczynają swoją przygodę w świecie lotro. Nie chcemy od ciebie bezgranicznego poświęcenia. My wolimy wspaniała zabawę. W Naszym Kinshipie stawiamy na rozwój naszej społeczności, pomagamy przy levelowaniu, wspieramy doświadczeniem, oraz specjalnie wyrobionym orężem. Jeśli czujesz się samotny wśród tysięcy osób przemierzając śródziemie, jest ci ciasno w swoim małym domu, napisz do Crismoda albo któregoś z Naszych Oficerów. Zapraszamy Również na Nasze Kinshipowe Forum:
  • Sons of Gondor - One of the longest surviving kins, fairly quiet in terms of members at the moment but hoping to grow once again, contact Vals, Venhelm or Utherdryt in game
  • Svartedaudir - A group of Scandinavians in their late 20's early 30s; mainly Norwegians, but we have a few members from Finland as well. We have a substantial background in internet (mmorpg) gaming; UO, AO, EQ, Daoc, Guildwars, CoH, Eve Online and WOW, several members have been involved in hard-core raiding. We also have a few members (myself; Helmin included) with background from the Tolkien MUD called MUME, running back to 1992. Our involvement in MUME included, in addition to countless hours of mudding; coding and building to expand the world. This led to a deep interest in Tolkiens work, and detailed knowledge about Tolkiens Middle-Earth.
  • Tinechor Thardu Tinechor Tharnu is a community kinship also supporting ambition and growth. It is a branch of a larger, multi-game organization, with its roots in other MMOs but its primary strength in LOTRO. Anyone is welcome, and we aim to help all our members to achieve their goals and aspirations. You can post on our forum if you want an invitation.
  • Victorious Secret We are a casual and friendly kinship on the Evernight server. We are active in all aspects of the game, including questing and crafting(raiding, PvMP, RPing, will come later on as we all get higher levels). There will also be hold regular events and celebrations, so stay tune for more action. We have just three simple goals in mind: Have fun, be social and help each other! To join apply in out forum or give a tell in-game to any of our officers check out Victorious Secret
  • The Way of the Chicken We are a kinship founded April 1, 2014. We are a fun kinship which often takes breaks to play chicken play and tag/freeze tag send a /tell if interested! All are welcome!
  • Wisdom of the Valar - A long standing rank 10 kinship on Evernight (formerly Snowbourn). Since our inauguration on 20th July 2007 we’ve established ourselves as one of the premier social kinships of Lord of the Rings Online, engaging with content, kin members and the LOTRO community to assist new players as they begin their journeys in Middle Earth and provide end-game raid experience to seasoned veterans.
  • Yolo Swaggins -Lighthearted kinship formed in January 2014 on Evernight server. Trading and conversation mainly, lead by Allacar. Help players level and quest with gear and fellowing. Primarily concerned with enjoyment of the game and open to all levels.
  • Zelený Hlen CZ/SK kinship on the Evernight server. We are not so big kin, but familiarly and helpful. We play with all levels characters. (Ahoj, pokud chceš hrát v CZ/SK kinu, ozvy se na serveru - kontakt: Artuci) Zelený heln
  • Umbrella Horses Hunting for umbrella horses. Chance of finding one? At the moment, 0%.
  • Wojownicy Eriadoru Wojownicy Eriadoru Młode Polskie bractwo nastawione na współpracę oraz dobrą zabawę dlatego zapraszamy wszystkich którzy chcą wesprzeć nas w rozwoju naszej społeczności!
  • Warriors of Mordor is growing kin with friendly and social people. We like to have fun in this game. Even if you are not pro gamer, we welcome all classes and races to join us. Looking for players from all over the world to do events, instances or raids together.

Monster Play Tribes

  • Doom of the Valar - A tribe primarily for Creep alts of Wisdom of the Valar members. Doom of the Valar can be spotted en masse at least every Tuesday evening as part of the WotV schedule of events.