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Eldar [English]

  • Ottoman Largest Turkish kinship on Eldar also on Lotro, rank 10. It is one of the oldest kinships on Eldar. All players from Turkey are welcome here. We are crowded, friendly, helpful and we have many crafters, kinhouse and raiding teams. Especially we have experienced on ettenmoors.
  • Ainulindelë One of the oldest kinships on Eldar. Ainulindelë means "Music of the Ainur". We aim to provide a friendly social environment to play LoTRO in. This kinship has experienced, helpful members from the beginning of the game, and will remain open till the game itself ends.
  • The alliance of arda - A new kinship. At the moment lifespan 6
  • Amicitia - Amicitia is a Lord of the rings Online kinship on the european server Eldar. Amicitia is a mature, friendly and casual kinship, that just wants to enjoy gaming together. Amicitia is latin for friendship and that is the perfect base for a kinship, that wants to help eachother to get to the higher goals ingame.
  • Anarya - A fairly new kinship that welcome's any player at any level. The kinship is rapidly growing though it still feels like a close family of players. We do group instances and skirmishes and also join together in fellowships to help one another out when it's needed. The players within the kin are from around Europe but the main language spoken is English. We have plenty of crafter's that share what they have made through out the kin to help each player.
  • Apocalyptica - Apocalyptica is an international rank 9 kinship with players from all over Europe. We have set raiding days: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday which commence at 20:00 CET until 0:00 CET. For our raids we use the DKP system where our members can bid on items to improve their character. Contact one of our officers for more info, or check our website [1].
  • Bastion of the Free
  • Blades of Anarion Blades of Anarion is an European rank 10 kin with player from over all of Europe. There is a friendly Kin leader and many friendly Officers and Members.
    At least 2 times every week we take a instance/Raid, and we have a kin house.
    There are also many active members all day long.
  • Blades of Moria Fun, friendly and helpful middle-sized kinship, rank 10. Lots of high levels always willing to assist, all sorts of crafters, kinhouse... the lot. We chat and joke, get together for parties, games, questing or anything really. We do serious things too, but with a lighthearted and fun aproach. Though most are old-ish gamers, we have a nice mix of ages and nationalities... from UK to as far as Latvia and Romania. Check out our website and also the forum there to learn more about this wonderful kin and how you can join in the fun.
  • Bravehart A friendly, Mature and Happy-to-help kinship with fun loving players who socialize and chat.
  • Brothers Oath A fun kinship friendly helpful, supportive. we run fellowships, deeds together and have high crafters. We have a web site and also a FB site please stp us in game for a chat or questions on our kin.
  • Bulgaria - A friendly, fun, mature, social and happy to help rank 10 Bulgarian kinship. We have our own kinship house and forum. All bulgarian players are welcome -
  • Champions of Moria Champions of Moria is a small kinship (rank 4) Friendly and relaxed kin whose purpose is to be fun and help each other out.
  • The Chaos Demons - THIS KINSHIP HAS DISBANDED, NEARLY 6-7 MONTHS AGO. A large rank 10 kinship of mature (18+), friendly and skilled players, with frequent raiding of small and high end instances, fun nights, PvP and creep sub-kin.
  • Children of Eru A Russian kinship on the Eldar - EN server. We have our own kinhouse, forum & TeamSpeak.
  • The Council of Eldars - The Council of Eldars are a rank 10 kinship on the Eldar server. A medium-sized kinship made up of friendly and helpful players of all levels, The Council's main aim is to make LOTRO as enjoyable an experience as possible, while doing what we can to help fellow kinsman and those who are not members of our kin. We regularly run instances with lower level players and participate in raids and PVMP. We are also keen crafters. If you would like to join the council contact an officer in game for more information or visit our website using the link.
  • The Council of Light - We are The Council Of Light (the new white council), a kinship that was in the beginning for Lore-Masters only. During our fights in the middle earth our elders decided that if we want to win the war, all free people should fight together regardless their race and class. We have existed since the day Shadows of Angmar was released. We mainly focus on raiding, but we are not strangers to having a little fun from time to time, it being Ettenmoors, Chickenruns, or raiding in the older instances.
  • The Crusaders of Light - We are a rather small kin with around 30 active members, our average age is +25 years old and we are a really friendly bunch of mature people. We try to raid, and do instances, as much as possible, taking in account that everyone has a life (supposedly) and committing for raids might be difficult from time to time. We have Grand Masters on all crafts and we are ready to provide the lower level members the help they need with questing, leveling up or whatever their need might be. Most importantly we are laid back people who like to joke a lot, none of that uptight crap. So if you think that The Crusaders Of Light sounds like your kind of kin contact an officer and we will be more than happy to tell u more.
  • The Dark Brotherhood -NOTE: THIS KINSHIP IS INACTIVE BUT STILL ALIVE. A cast off Kinship from The Childrens of Hurin along with Brothers Oath, this medium sized Rank 10 kin has friendly and helpful members who enjoy playing the game together.Originally known as Diverse EXtreme Team the kinship had a recent name change. Founded in November 2010 by Vanthor and Neverfade, the kin has slowly grown and it's members say they are quite happy with the friendly and active members. The Kinship is still run by Vanthor, It's Officers include: Fadarius, Funkpunk, Leodren. Taradann, Robleth, Lonien and Varthalion.
  • Death From Above Is a new kinship rank 4, our main goal is to keep it simple, it means that our kinship size will be less than 60 members, we want to build our kinship to be personal. We recruit people any class, any race. If you are not active member, please let us know, we will not kick anyone out if they have a period of nonactive time. We try to be a kinship worthy of your time, no trial period is needed, just playing and having fun in the middle-earth. When our kinship is still at the beginning we recruit officers. So if you want to join our kinship, be a kinsmember or officer you are welcome into our kin. Leader for Death From Above is Aylon.
  • The Defenders - Warriors of Liberty changed into The Defenders after our latest Stevidas decided to disband the kin. As a sensitive man and after our kin house chests were left empty for the second time, he decided to disband. With very long talks he formed The Defenders.
    We are a kin that prides on our good name and takes Steven's/Stevidas legacy to heart. He is gone but never forgotten, and with that in mind we are a great and fair bunch. Like he use to say...we were all a bunch a loonies and believe me when I say...we continue his legacy in every sense of the word. I could go on and on and advertise our kin, but there isn't a need for that. We are almost 4 years old and helping and having fun is our way away from real life. Check our website and you will know what I mean:
  • Defenders of the White Tree A Rank 10 Kinship founded on May 7th 2007, regular raids, PvMP, social nights, kin house (full of trophies!) and vent server. Within the kin there are GMs in every craft and they'll help you with the gear you need (you may need to provide the materials or recipe if it's a one shot though). We're a helpful, friendly kin, not limited to LoTRO race or class. We have members from across Central & Eastern Europe and Scandinavia although we're predominantly from the UK (our kinship language though is English). For more background information visit our website. For membership enquires please contact any officer (listed on the website under Essential Information) in game. We're proud to be on the [EN] Eldar server!
  • Dogs of War A friendly and active Rank 10 Kin, one of the oldest on Eldar is looking for more fun and active friendly players of all levels and races, we have members from all over Europe however our main language is English, we offer any new recruits a 2 week trial with us, and as long as everyone is happy at the end you will be offered the member rank :) we have a Kinhouse in Bree (Full of Trophies), Website link title and forums, GM crafters in all Professions, regular kin events, and more importantly we all love the game, were a mature (Try to be :) ) kin, who want to work together for the end-game goals, so if you are interested in having a look at us, contact either me (Elonderill, Gruber, Capability) or any of the kins officers for a 2 week trial. Kin Officers include, Blim, Frossi, Anhelmm, Gilrithbor/Gilrithros, Burzdolion and Pearbright/Peabright.
  • Dol Amroth Mercenaries - A South-African rank 10 kinship, still active but lacks members due to the lack of less South-African players on the Eldar server.
  • Dragon Slayers - Dragon Slayers is a community based Rank 10 kinship and one of the oldest on [EN] Eldar. All the usual Supreme Master Crafters, cap-leveled players and helpful, friendly Officers and Members that you'd expect from a rank 10 kin but with Dragon Slayers you get a little something else; it's like having a second family. Regular raids, Ettenmoors runs and questing at all levels. Beautiful Falathlorn Kin house. Website and forums. If you're looking for a community based kinship full of happy, fun-seeking players then contact one of our officers. Membership is by invitation but all requests will be considered.
    Leader: Dixi Ravensten Officers: Rolds, Morgayne, Stefaniel, Sergs, Firel, Astute, Nilouthir Visit us @
  • Dutch Peacekeepers - Dutch Peacekeepers is one of the Kinship active on the Eldar server since the beginning of 'the Lord of the Rings Online'.
    We focus on building a community, which consists entirely of Dutch and Belgian players, which we are active in all aspects of the game.
    We have members who are still leveling with a main or alt, people who like to do instances, people who like PvPm, but also people who are interested in end-game areas of the game.
  • Elfs of Middle Earth A rank 6 kinship. Hius Bracelot is our great Kinship Leader. This Kin only have Elfs with a minimum of lever 16. It is an upcoming kinship. As a member you have the right of free weaponry and armoury. A website is coming.
  • Everlasting Phantasmil - Welcome to the Everlasting Phantasmil a very fun and very social kinship!! Lifespan rank 10. Lead by Runess and her team of brave officers and kinnies they battle the advancing armies of Mordor at every turn, seeking to protect the weak and needy, Runess leads her brave warriors into battle, often facing overwhelming odds they battle like warrior poets, standing firm, tall and proud in the face of great evil!
  • The Free Peoples Of Eriador - A large kinship run by the Shadow brothers. Friendly and welcome to all levels.
  • Freelancer - Currently small kinship for mainly casual gaming. Founded at September 22th 2007. Does some endgame content when there happens to be enough people, but is never in a hurry to accomplish anything. Always looking for good fellows to join the nuthouse - however, even though Freelancer is a nuthouse, maturity and proper behaviour is expected both within the kinship and outside of it. Talk to an officer if you are interested.
  • The Galadhrim - We are a rank 10 kinship on Eldar with english speaking players from all over europa. We have players on all levels and a friendly and helpful enviroment. We have master craftsmen in all professions and high level players that gladly helps out a fellow kinmate. If you want crazy and funloving gaming friends just check us out on website or contact an officer ingame :-)
  • The Grand Moot - Scandinavian kinship. A social kinship wich also are doing a lot of raiding. Started as a very casual kinship. But do also have a lot of raiding, including twice-a-week farming of Vile Maw and later Dar Narbugud. The kinship is very organized and consists of many experienced and dedicated members.
  • Guardians of the West A friendly kinship formed off from another kinship, very friendly and upcoming kinship, leader badbenni (lvl 60 captain) very helpful, starting raids, with kinship alliances with sabres of paradise, have own website and kinhouse. many GM crafters and some SM. helpful members and offciers, all are welcome to join, get incontact with an officer or leader and send a tell ingame.
  • Guild Of Telcontars Hope-We want any class or level but we do have an age limit of 16.We are a great and helpful kin,our kin is for the players who want to develop their skills and classes in all aspects even crafting as we have grand masters in all crafts.Also we are a very good raiding kin who always have places free for new members and put their needs first,We are a cast off from an other kin H.O.D but have developed a new kin plan to better the game play for all.If u wish to have the best advise and help we are your kin.Our great leader is Gothborn and Our raid leader is Thorsrevenge.
  • Knightclub: One of the oldest on the server, Knightclub is a helpful, relaxed kinship for good and loyal players. We are always recruiting, for more info either visit the website or contact Ary in the game, see you in Middle Earth.
  • Lamposts In Winter - Rank 10 English kinship. Social and friendly. We also like cake. Leader Edhelraenil.
  • The Last Chance to Rise - Rank 10 one of the oldest kinship in the server. Players who come from entire Europe and peoples who mastered their classes. We help our kinmates and help other kinships if its needed with raids, because of that we are known on entire Eldar server. for more information or join, pm Padminlee our honest and friendly leader or any member of LCTR. Every level and classes are most welcome.
  • The Last Homely Kin - Rank 10. Active, friendly and social kinship. If you are looking for a welcoming place with a nice warm hearth to stay by during your adventures, give us a shout. Our leader is Orivien.

  • The Last Kings of Gondor - The Last Kings of Gondor is seeking new members! We are a friendly and helpfull kin that welcomes lower lvl players as well as higher. We have many crafters and Willing-to-Help members and officers. If you would like to join our ranks /send tell to any of our officers: Elixyvett, Eldirith, Reaventhir, Oderinma, Balbosa and our leader Hescot. Have fun in Middle- Earth!
  • The last kings of middle earth - The last kings of middle earth is a kinship that would welcome all kind players.We would always try to help out other players in the kin for ingredients, quests, deeds, armour, weapons ans everything else you could think of that involves help or just wanting a friend to do something with.We are a new kin so we are only rank 4 at the moment but if you do join we will do all the things that a rank5 and above can do.If you would like to join our kinship please contact Me (Darakan) and say you would like to join and we would gladly acept any of you.(I will update other people to contact soon.....) thank you for reading.
  • Last of the Dunedain -Rank 10, Man themed kinship- a group of laid back friends from Norway and the USA. Leader: Cyndrienne
  • The Last Sons of Gondolin - The Last Sons of Gondolin is R10 EX-Yugoslavian kinship. We do regular raids from Monday to Friday. Social component is very important in our kinship, so be prepared for jokes, fun, teasing ... For more information contact some of following people: Mikeybert, Erthanir, Mirvien, Sysel, Steelray.
  • Lazareva Vojska "Lazareva Vojska" means "Lazar's Army" . Our members are from Ex Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and Montenegro). Our Kinship was formed by David Kostic (Dacwod), and we currently have 56 members (most of them are very active players). In our Kinship we only speak Serbo-Croatian (mix of ex yugoslavian languages).
  • The Lord of the Drinks dk - A 100% Danish Kinship (dk) and an International Kinship (EU) of players of every age and from all of Europe. Room for everyone, heart for every friend & hate to the dark forces in Eriador. We are 2 x Rank 10 kinships, we are a social, pro-raiding kin - and we have it all. A very active website is part of our kins.
  • The Liege - The Liege is an international Rank 8 kinship with players from all over Europe and beyond. The Liege members are friendly, casual, mature and most of all a helpful bunch. We have a kin website. We have Westfold (Tier 7) level crafters to help with all your needs. A kin house. If interested please contact one of our officers in game (Nimmeroth, Arwanc, Ambermay, Kraggrim, Revelir).
  • Lore Breakers - Founded on 5th August 2007 by a group of rebel lore-masters with a vision of an all lore-master kin. Over the years the kin has expanded vastly, opening up to accept all classes. It is foremost a social kin but offer regular raid experiences through a raid alliance
  • Loyal Alliance A small elite international kin, with loyal members who do there best, to help eachother whether its crafting or quests.
  • Metalheads Of Mordor - A level 10 kinship bringing together listeners of metal, rock and goth music on the [EN] Eldar Server! We are an easy going kinship, and regularly chat and help each other out however we can - advising each other on quests, teaming up to fight alongside one another and passing on objects of specific value to each other. We also be organise regular meet-up and kin events ranging from drinking and live gigs to kin quests, rep dungeons and raids.
  • Microscopics - A rank 10 HOBBIT kinship, all players who are hobbits and can speak either SPANISH or ENGLISH are welcome! For more information or to join go to or speak to either Mugo, Emerelda, Felonious or an officer in game on the [EN][EU]server: Eldar!
  • Morning Star - Morning Star is the Personal Kin of Luthian - L100 Lore-Master of the Eldar Server.
  • MYTH - MYTH is a mixed kinship that is all about having fun, making friends and helping each other.
  • Nazdar - NAZDAR is international mixed kinship on Eldar (EU) server.
  • Nemesis - NEMESIS is a Rank 10 Kinship. We enjoy the game and seek to have fun!!! We organize regular events, help each other and have always a great time in the game!!!
  • ~N.O.E.S~ Nightmare On Elf Street is one of Eldar's oldest kins with gamers with all classes and levels coming from all over Europe. We are a social kin that takes raiding seriously, working our way through new content as it arrives. TS-server, kin house, SM crafters and daily activities are all part of our kin. Welcome to
  • Nomads of Belfalas Easygoing kinship with people from all across Europe and beyond. Everybody welcome. If u interested u can ask Galdryth, Khelgo or use the regional or officer channel to contact. You can also register in our forum:
  • Kalevala Syndicate has moved to the server [EU] Evernight.
  • The Old Guard - We are lookin for Mature devoted players of Lvls 10 to 65! All classes welcome :D. We welcome warriors from all over the world! We are a most helpful & social Rank 10 Kin With Kinhouse & Website. Are you interested in joining? Pls Send tell to Leech/Hornet/Majella/Cromm/Lindroos/Donnadarko
  • Pastabears - We're a Rank 9 Kinship now, with a core of active members. We do instances nearly every night, help eahc others alt and the lower levelled members of the guild, and have fun in the Kinhouse...but don't go in Nekoju's Study! If interested ask Pokems, Kalyas, Nekoju, Sandoc or Rubamba about joining !
  • Phoenix Alliance As of this writing 6/28/08, Phoenix Alliance is a rank 7 mixed kinship, a casual and united band of fellows eager to explore Middle Earth, conquer in PvP, raid occasionally, and above all else have a blast doing it. The guild has roots in other MMORPGs and has been continuously active since early 2004. Forums and Ventrilo server are available, and we have open recruitment to any mature hopeful 18 years of age and over, and English speaking.
  • Pure Heart - Rank 10 social kinship, international (English in chat. Emphasis on having fun and helping one another out.( Currently not recruiting.)
  • Randellsborg Explorers - We're a little Danish kinship, we take in all races and classes but only danish people.
  • Randoms By Choice - We are a small social kin currently rank 4. A tight grp of friends with a lolz sence of humor and helpfull attitude towards our fellows and the ppl around us. We are currently recruiting higher lvls of all kinds to get started raiding as soon as possible. We have our own Ventrilo/Ts3 server.
    We do regular instance runs already and older content to help newcomers gear up properly. If interessted in joining RbC visit our website at and apply. Do plz contact a recruitment officer in game first before applying. Info can be found at site. Or send a tell to Grimholdir or Seekwan for more info
  • Reconnected Looking for dedicated casual players who like to raid on casual basis, we will also run normal dungeons, help you get class items and level up if needed. We like to Craft, Play music, and Decorate aswell. We have events almost every week and a large friendly player base
  • Royal Guard Our Kinship accepts characters of all races and levels. Writing this info we are rank 7. Our members are helping each other out with all kinds of stuff. If you need help in a quest and some other members have some time to spare, they will often help out. Dont be surpised if a >lvl50 come along to help you out even when you have <lvl30 quests. Also we help each other out with crafting supplies and all kinds of stuff we make with crafting. So feel free to "send tell" to one of us if u wanna join our kin.
  • Scetza - We are looking for people who want to enjoy Lord of the Rings Online to the fullest. We take pride in helping out other players and having fun. Kinship members are at all levels from level 10 upwards. No one yet has reached level 50 but a few of us are close. We are a very helpful kinship and help each other out with crafting, advice and we try and make kinship parties for instances. We are hoping that as soon as we have enough players at a high enough level we want to try to set up raids for the end game instances.
  • The Servants of the Secret Fire - One of Eldar's oldest kinships, formed by a trio of hapless adventures a week after Lord of the Rings Online official release. Still being led by one of the original founders,Grohl hobbit, minstrel along with kin members old and new, as well as old and young, still pushes forward into places where Sauron's shadow along with his dark minions still try to encroach on the free people of Middle Earth.
    A Rank 10 English speaking Kinship with kin house, website, forums and a Team Speak 3 server on the [EU]Eldar server of Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG. For more information visit our website:
  • Shadowfax Alliance We are a rank 7 international kinship (EN in chat), now recruiting mature players of all classes and levels. We are a very helpful kin,and are very keen to help out fellow kinsmen and women with quests, crafting needs or general questions about the game. We also now have a new kin website. Check it out online, and look out for our recruitment message in the chat channels.
  • The Shadows of Fatality - anyone that needs a kinship or is looking for one please talk to one of our officers. we are looking for anyone. we are down to earth people and we dont take the game to seriously. we are multi raced. we just want to have fun!
  • Shirriffs Of The Shire - Rank 10 kinship that has been active since 2008. Started as a mix of close friends and family playing in Iceland, we are always open to new faces from anywhere in the world, just message Ragnhildur, Beana, Kaeja or Haji for an invite. We are always ready to help out other players and just take a chilled out approach to the game. We have some players who are level 90-95 and other players ranging from low to mid level.
  • The Silmarillion - Rank 9 as of 2011-06-20 - An open, friendly, and helpful kin open to all races and happy to see new faces.
  • Soverigns of War - The Soverigns of War is a kingship made for those that want to chill out and relax, or go on raids and explore difficult areas.
  • STORMRIDERS - Coming soon!!!
  • Strażnicy Amon Sul - Largest polish kinship on Eldar, rank 10. All players from Poland are welcome here. Kinship created by former Wojownicy Srodziemia players. We are friendly, helpful, have many crafters and raiding. Check our forum at [2]
  • Svenska Krigare - We're a Swedish kinship, we take in all races and classes but only Swedish talking people.
  • Thunder - Newly formed Kinship as the name suggests it is a homage to all things British Rock, namely the late Thunder the best British rock band to walk the planet. This is a private Kinship, but anyone is welcome who loves British Rock and Middle-earth fun, anyone interested send tells to either Masterbean or Parkheadglory
  • The Twenty Minuters - A Rank 10 kinship with a love of the BBC comedy series Blackadder. We are a 'fairly' mature kinship both in age and outlook. We are a small casual kinship which pretty much means there are no members that we don't know and get along with. Remember, your Middle-earth needs YOU!
  • The Unforgotten - One of the oldest kinships on Eldar, its focus was that on social events, as well as some emphasis on fellowship and raid runs. Since early 2009, it had ceased to exist.
  • Wardens of the Tower Guard - We are a Large and Friendly Kinship that Hosts many Creative and Enjoyable Events we are Rank 8 and Have a Huge Bree-Land Kinship House that can always be accessed by any member , we also have an Ettenmoars Tribe Horde of the Tower Guard which will also welcome any member to Join , we are always recruiting to both Tribe and Kin and Hope we can all enjoy the Game how it should be , send a tell to Galror for an Inv or any other Officer for More Information...
  • Warriors - The Warriors are the survivors of the Battle of the Five Armys, they are the battle elites and tough to the bone.
  • Warriors of Mirkwood - The warriors of mirkwood. Made up of the former inhabitants of Greenwood the Great and the descendants of the other races of people that fellowed with them, until 1100 of the third age when the shadow of Sauron fell across the wood. Thranduil and his people where driven north to the mountains of Mirkwood where Thranduil passed and the remaining people and allies of many races secretly formed the white council and attacked Dol Guldur and Sauron fled to Mordor. Greenwood the Great was renamed Mirkwood. Mirkwood is one of the few Elven havens in the Fourth Age, as it contains Silvan elves, who are more reluctant to depart Middle-earth than their Noldorin kin. Those from Lothlórien who haven't already left Middle-earth migrated to Mirkwood.
  • Warriors of the Last Alliance - We are Lifespan R9 almost R10 and have Kinhouse+site! We have many helpful and willing Officers/members. Fed up of Questing alone, no raiding? or not getting info u need.. ? we do and help!!
  • Wise Enough to Survive - We are Wise Enough. We live long enough to tell our story. A rank 10 Kin with a wonderful community base, weekend raids and, most important, an active staff that makes sure you are equipped and ready to go fight the evils of Middle Earth.

Our goal with this kin was, from the start. To have our own little piece of Middle Earth to call home. We later found out though. That new players had trouble settling in to this game and had a hard time pushing themselves into higher levels. That was when we realized that we we're not just going to sit idle by while new players leave. We decided to help them. Give them tips and a good base to really help them achieve a better gaming experience.