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NOTE: The Dwarrowdelf server is closed. The kinships listed below remain for historical purposes only.

  • Ambleside Dunedain We are a kinship started by members of an Ambleside school, and are looking for anyone else from either an Ambleside school or people who use a Charlotte Mason-learning philosophy who would like to join us and be a part of our greater community. We are dedicated to helping those that need assistance with leveling or crafting, and always strive to make sure you have the best gear available at your level. If you want to join contact Gilgodhrion - Founder of the Kinship.
  • Alliance Of Middle Earth We Are The Original Members Of Founders Of Middle Earth From Withywindle. We Are A Well Known Kin With Allied Ties With Massive Dynamics , We Are Life Span Rank 8 With A Beautiful Kin House. Kin Leader Is Shermmen Hemsley Lvl 60 Captain And Our Successor Destroyerofthering A Lvl 80 Lore Master. We Seek To Add New Members To Our Kin And Fellowship With All Players.
  • Army of Middle Earth We are a totally open kinship who are fun and friendly. We were founded a year ago and are a lifespan 9 kin with a kin house. We love to help out anyone who requests it. We are looking for active and friendly people to add to our growing list. If you want to join contact Gemman- Kin leader, Calrassos, or Gloriano in game. Have a great day!
  • Brothers Of Arnor is a kinship who's all for help, when it comes to a good old party we got it. we are open to anyone whom wants to join. we are the first of Dwarrowdelf to start the money grant system or also know as cash loan Leeds system where u post a Leeds and people respond to it weather it be i need items ill pay you for each one u get or i if u need a horse ill send u the money or repairs etc... our kinship house is located in breeland homesteads and is in the neighborhood of hirshaw we love for u too join us. the leader of this kinship is Generad his right hand man ercanel. Generad a level 7o captain man as of 6/15/2012 was once the a big officer of warlords witch is probably now merged with massive Dynamics since then we all had i motto lets grow so fast u surpass the MD witch is something u may call way over our heads. need help, money, want to party catch me online and send me a IM.
  • Chaos Syndicate No website as of yet but coming soon. We are a multi-function kin. We are also an active multi race and level kin. We are helpful and social. We love to group and have a good time. =D
  • The Crimson Brotherhood We are a fun and happy kinship focused on helping our kin mates. We are active in a number or raids and skirmishes. We are a rank 9 kinship and will be rank 10 soon. We have a large variety of players and character types in our kin. We welcome friendly and helpful players of all levels.
  • Crusaders A rank 7 kinship housed in the Thorin's Hall Homesteads founded by Phaedo. The kinship website is [1] and on our page are our forums, calendar of skirmishes, raids, and instances and other kinship events. We are open to players of any level and skill. We will have training videos soon on our forums to help new players out in the game. We have a 30 day recruit status for new members who can join on our website or by contacting an officer in game.
  • Dolarad A group of great friends interested in the joys of playing LOTRO in all aspects. There is an RPing theme based around the Drakenfist family ruling Dolarad, and the Dolarad army. We have an officer who creates and encourages kin skirms. There are also some skilled crafters. Dolarad welcomes all newcomers of all levels, races, and classes.
  • Green Leaf Order Name based on Legolas Green Leaf. A fun, supportive and active kinship with players of all levels, races and classes. We aim to help each other in anyway possible, be it simple advice, crafting or questing. We are also trying to form a regular raid group, come be a part of it!
  • Lucid Alliance We are a strong & growing community. We believe in teamwork, friendship, and above all else respect for our members. We're excited about our future and encourage all classes and races to consider being a part of our team. Check us out at
  • Massive Dynamics We are an active multi race and level kin we are also a part of the dwarrowdelf alliance website.
  • The Men of the West We are a size 15 kin with a kinhouse in Shire will take anybody willing to join. In-game mail Gildui to join or for details.
  • More Than Adequate A low key social kin with rigid recruiting requirements; no morons. Percival is the founder.
  • The Ninth: We are a kin of exploration and adventures we met and was born in the adventure to Mirkwood. We only got nine fellow members but we are recuriting all races and classes. Note: We havent made a kin web page yet than will be ready later on.
  • The Nordic Force of Dandy Gents: We are a kin created to promote service to others both in our kin and elsewhere. Our creation began after the founding officers tried being a part of other kins and found a great lack of order, justice, and overall kindness from one member to the next. Our kin takes part in various things such as throwing pipe-weed parties, birthday parties, loot hunts, and band practice! We also reward our members for being kind to others, as well as giving 150silver every time they get someone new to join. Though mainly made up of Dwarves we take in any race. Unlike other kins you will find we have a common pattern of terminating those from our kinship who do not follow the rules which all revolve around the helping of others. If your plan in this world is to take what you can get, while going off to do your own thing instead of helping others, this is not the kin for you. However if you strive to assist others level even if it means to sacrifice your own XP then you have found your kin!. Please visit our site in order to view the Rule list and find out how to reach us!Send a game letter/message to Aryanimli for further details Cheers!
  • Order of the Old Gods Order of the Old Gods is an adult oriented kin that focuses heavily on crafting. We welcome serious and active players for group skirmishs, instances, raids and fellowship quests. Supportive of all levels, we strive to help every kinsmen in all aspects of Lord of the Rings Online. Visit our lorebook page on lotro
  • Ordo Templi Order of the Temple, (Ordo Templi in Latin, as the founding member is a RL Knight Templar) is a fairly new mixed Kin (e.2012), but some of the members are either returning to LoTRO or immigrants from other MMORPG's; we are a mature oriented kin and we are 'casual' players, meaning we don't spend 27/7 in the game. We accept members that spent some fair time in game to skirmish, do instances, raids and fellowship quests. We believe in sharing and exchange resources amongst the kin members.
  • The Outcast A old kin that has come out of the ashes of the dead, we are The Outcast. We are a old kin that has only recently started to re-build its self. As we re-build we need plenty of active members to help! We accept all levels, Classes and Races! We have a Kin house and are growing our amount of active players quickly, We are sure to help lower players level and higher levels beat down the flames of Mordor!
  • Saurons Minions A great and popular kinship. We are available to everyone, whether you are a casual player, or just a once a week type of person. We are open to all 4 races and focus on Crafting skirms raids and lvling up our lower level characters! kinship leaders name is fatcats so send tell to him to join
  • Thorin's Clan We are sons of the great king under the mountain Thorin Oakenshield. We are a dwarf only clan and we are very anti-elf and believe that one day Dwarves shall crush the elves. Now that our anti-elf propaganda is done we can tell about the services our clan has, we have meetings about every month or so but those are clan wide about every week we have small meetings usually at the prancing pony the green dragon or that dwarven bar down in the tunnels once you join you will get a list about every week or 2 about up coming events. We strongly support the art of metalworking weaponsmithing prospecting and jeweling, if you need armor meet our head of metalworking Danalingrad, for weapons meet our head of weaponsmithing Rimili
  • Tree Of Life We are a very lighthearted and casual Elven kin & we are open to all races.We are peaceful, friendly, helpful, respectful, liberal, and mature.We are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals to join us in our exploration and our vanquishing of evil in Middle Earth.
  • Under the Hill A gathering of hobbits coming together to enjoy good company and lend a hand to each other and others within Middle Earth. All level of classes are welcomed in this hobbit-kin. A website is in work for more information and activities. Seek Rorymac Tookson for any questions. Cheers!
  • Voices United Is a kinship who is all about helping each-other out and having fun at the same time. We are open to everyone. Click here for more details on the kinship.
  • Wraithwood Snipers We are a small Kinship, based on the idea that we help whenever needed.. no matter if it's a Kin or not. Any race, Class or Level is welcome.
  • Gold Saints of Middle Earth We are a helpful Kinship who focuses on helping other players with questions and quests. If you ever see us around don't be shy to say hello.

Kinship Alliances

  • Dwarrowdelf Alliance The Alliance Of Dwarrowdelf Is Not a kin, But a gathering of kins. We share an in game chat, And Function as the largest Alliance on server. Founded at the start of 2011 we have since grown into a population of over 2000 Characters. To apply for the alliance online please go to