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This article is a Kinship information page

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official LOTRO history or occurrences which are accurate for all worlds.
The kinships and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.


  • Alliance Of Middle Earth AKA Alliance A Mixed Race Kinship That Was From Dwarrowdelf Due To The Server Merge Formed In Aug 2015 Leader Aldee A Minstrel And Successor Bovarderch A Hunter Slaying Orcs All Over Middle Earth. We A Small But Well Known Kin With Neutral Ties With Many Kins On This Server. WAS FOUNDERS OF MIDDLE EARTH / Alliance
  • Abomination-A mixed kinship with casual to serious players who want to enjoy the game content. Officers have MMORPG exprience and we are always looking for fun and exciting players. Our average members ages are in their 30's and we primarily play in the MT time zone. We are seeking to progress together and have fun! We use a website and vent server for communication. Come check us out and apply today to become an Abomination today!
  • Anarchy-Anarchy is a mature and friendly Lord of the Rings Online casual kinship located on Arkenstone with over 100 guildies. We're currently looking for more mature, active and fun-loving players to fill our ranks. If you're looking for players to group with and have a fun time, do contact one of our officers in-game for an invite.
  • Aragorn's Allies - Whatever your origins, nationality or religion might be, whatever qualifications you may or may not have, whatever your social or professional status might be, whether you are married or single, noob or grognard, Aragorn's Allies offers you a chance to adventure with friends. Join with Aragorn's Allies and build yourself an exceptional future in which teamwork and helping each other are fundamental values. Ours is a kinship made up of every class, race & level. Since its inception on 5/14/2008, we have enjoyed laughing together and assisting each other. Our rank 10 kinship has been steadily growing as we have added dedicated players with positive attitudes which gives us higher levels of the Lotro experience. Although we have many level cap players, we are not entirely a "raiding kin". Our main objectives are to help others group for what they can't solo, aside from the end game content we played many hours to get to do. We cover all aspects of the game from character build, story line to future updates. Some like to solo, some like to group, and when you get stumped, we are able to assist. End game isn't everything, take your time and have fun. Then when you get to raiding status, you'll be welcomed to come along. We provide a fun, friendly environment. Profanity and foul language is not allowed in kinchat. We share an in-game allies channel with friends. You've probably seen our members on Windfola server. We group daily, questing for deeds, books, raids and much more. We have an awesome guide on our kinsite(no registration needed to view the guides) for every level, class, race, zone and much more! If you feel you are interested in joining Aragorn's Allies, fill out our easy application. If you would like to join or want more information about Aragorn's Allies send an ingame messege to any member or officer and let them know you would like to join. Experience the adventure of Aragorn's Allies! "This is Your Kinship Too!" ~Kaster
  • The Arkenshield is a brand-new, close-knit and friendly Lord of the Rings Online roleplaying (RP) kinship on Arkenstone. As per the lore of the kinship, The Arkenshield was the elite guard appointed at the Lonely Mountain by Thrain. Once Smaug came, the guard was dispatched from the city directly by Thrain, saying not to come back until the day Smaug was defeated. Ever since that fateful day when our fathers and sister-sons fought alongside Dain Ironfoot at the Lonely Mountain, rallied to Thorin II Oakenshield, we've proudly stood watch over all of the strongholds of Durin's Folk in Middle Earth. We are currently looking to build up our ranks as much as possible, so, if you like to roleplay Dwarf characters or would like to bring your Dwarf toon into a kinship environment entirely centered on Dwarf lore and interaction, come check out our site or send an in-game mail to Avaldur!
  • Bandeirantes - Brazilian friends of the Middle Earth. The Bandeirantes are joined there are five years and now we are in this wonderful world of fantasy. We are playing every night, if you are a Brazilian player and have some character in this server do not waste time. Contact us and come to the Bandeirantes Kinship, we are looking for new friends and enjoy this game together. Good play and that 2011 is replete of joys and a lot of Turbine Points for all... Hooah! Founder: FernaoDias
  • Brotherhood Of Eriador - A relatively new rank 7 casual mixed kinship on Arkenstone, the Brotherhood of Eriador was formed by members of the social gaming community. We enjoy running instances, raids, fellowship with each other and questing together. To apply, you may visit the kinship website, or contact Okinshield, Thodinski or Witchyoak in-game.
  • Brotherhood Of Raptr - A relatively new kinship on Arkenstone, the Brotherhood of Raptr was formed by members of the social gaming community, Raptr. A casual mixed kinship, which anyone is allowed to join, whose kinsmen (and women) are friendly, and willingly provide help to those who may need it. To apply, you may visit the kinship website, or contact Bloodthorne, Rosmyl or Shaggybodom in-game.
  • Brotherhood Of Steel - If your looking for fun time or just want to chat with some nice (and very helpful people) then BoS is right for you! We are a great mixed kinship on Arkenstone that is very helpful to it's members and what we look for in our members is not age but maturity, kindness, and just being an overall good person. So if you are looking for a good kinship just whisper Craigus, Dager, or Kastus or any other member (because we are always looking for new members) and just give a few brief details of yourself and look forward to a wonderful time! (Also you may register at our site)
  • Celestial Brigands Celestial Brigands is a kinship based entirely in the Maritime provinces of Canada. If you know the words to Baret's Privateers, enjoy a pint of Guiness, and know how to swear in French, you belong in this kinship.
  • Children of Iluvatar We are a fun-loving kinship, who are in the game and in the kin because we enjoy playing alongside one another. We're not interested in the petty in-fighting you'll see in other games and other kins/guilds. We have over 60 members who are always willing to help each other out and have a great time. We encourage members to reach their full crafting potential and support each other to get there. If you're interested in joining Children of Iluvatar in-game, please send a personal message to one of the officers (kiromir, jyanto, firkraag, etc), and they'll get you set up. See you in lotro!
  • Clan of the Dark Mountain Clan of the Dark Mountain is a casual, rank 10 mixed kinship which is open to anybody. We have roughly 70 members who are almost always willing to help each other out. Experience and level is not a requirement, and you don't necessarily need to be 100% devoted to playing. Cussing is moderately tolerated, but petty arguing, hate and trolls are less so. If you are interested in joining, send a tell either to leader Maerildol or co-leader Garethil, who are willing to give any help or tips to newer players whether they are in the kin or not. No application is needed.
  • Company of Red Dawn - Company of Red Dawn is an open, mature, fun-filled Kinship. We enjoy regular kinship meetings, which are usually followed by a kinship run to complete quests or deeds. We are currently recruiting all classes, but are especially interested in Captains, Champions, Lore-Masters and Minstrels! If you are looking for a great kinship to join, be sure to check us out. Give Kirvay or any of our other officers a shout in game to learn more about us. Along with our website, we also have a forum that we invite everyone to visit - Company of Red Dawn Forum See you all in the game!
  • The Conquest - We are a LOTRO guild on Arkenstone server. We welcome all races and are more social than most. We are a fairly new kin and growing rapidly. Look for Mistah, Urizen, Servion or Alindir or go to our site and hit the Join Team button.
  • Dakine Kinship - A non race-specific Kin that welcomes all who want to join. Experience is not a requirement. Not looking for members that are 100% devoted to the game, but not shunning them either. Leader Ripelop and second in command Nerfherder are experienced MMORPG players and are willing to answer questions to help anyone out, be they in the Kin or not. No application needed, just send us a tell.
  • Dark Tower - Dark Tower is one of the oldest surviving MMORPG roleplaying guilds in existence. Founded in 1999 as an Ultima Online guild and has now expanded to include Lord of the Rings Online on the Arkenstone server. Our guild culture centers long term friendships, creativity and wicked fun. Team up with like-minded individuals for evil roleplay and in-game fun. Open recruiting for all classes for future raiding, note that both raiding and roleplay are optional and casual players are welcome.
  • Deephallow Brewers Guild - The Brewers of Deephallow is a 21 and older kinship geared toward having epic adventures, with a few good brews along the way. We are all about laid back gameplay and having fun. Regular guild events and end game raiding will be our goal. We also have a Ventrilo server available for members; come by our website and drop us a line!
  • The Defenders of the Dragons Keep Leader: Badgerboy N I help PPPL that need it
  • Defenders of the Nine Defenders of the Nine is a casual kinship on the Arkenstone server. We are currently recruiting level 45 and over. Please send a tell to Minkor if you have questions/comments/recruitment.
  • Destroyers Of Anarchy (AKA: DOA) - A group of realtime friends who have come together to create a Kinship of our own. We're looking to stay small but are welcoming of active, experienced, and MATURE (over age 18, please) players. If interested, please send an in-game message to Draegona, Fyrestrike, or Jeysyn for information on how to join.
  • Founders of Middle Earth AKA Alliance Of Middle Earth ( From DwarrowDelf ) Is A Mixed Kin Helping Others Leveling Up Doing Raids Skirms Instances And Making New Friends We Are Current Lotro Players We Have Both Been Leaders And Been Around Since 2011 We Are A Fast And Friendly Kin Send A Tell If You Guys & Girls Need Help See You At The Prancing Pony in Bree (MERGED INTO ALLIANCE OF MIDDLE EARTH KIN)
  • The Dunedain Cheiftains - Hail Middle Earth! "The Dunedain Chieftains" kinship is opened to new and old recruits. We have very well developed knowledge base and helpful in the art of crafting. We are mostly an independent fellowship but are expanding our kinship into new realms, venturing into unknown territories through-out middle-earth. Join us and test your mettle against the darklords... pst Grayowl for invite...:)
  • The Elitists - A medium sized kinship (about 40 players) with a lot of 40+ players. We're just a group of people that enjoy playing Lord of the Rings Online. We are not openly recruiting, as we prefer to talk and play with anyone we bring into our kin. We have a TeamSpeak server, and we even offer our kinship members e-mail addresses at Check out our forums and say hello.
  • Emissaries Of The West - A light-RP kinship with a focus on group questing, instancing and trading within the kinship. This close-knit group of adventurers respects maturity, fairness and freedom of game-play within its ranks. Members are not pressured to progress any faster or play any way other than how they wish. Though tagged as "light-RP", it is not mandatory you be a role player to join, simply respect their ways. Average member activity ranges from around mid-day until late into the night.
  • Evening Reign - LOTRO - ER has merged with Swifty and Hammo listed below. Please contact Swifty for details.
  • Exilados da Terra Media é uma kinship criada a partir de fragmentos de outras kinships brasileiras. O símbolo de nossa kinship é a espada Andúril que foi usada nas mãos do rei de Gondor logo após ser restaurada de seus fragmentos. Igualmente nossa kinship tem o foco de restauração e união de brasileiros em nosso server Meneldor. Nosso foco não é necessariamente o end-game ou o pvp, nosso foco principal será sempre a diversão. O nosso líder é o Champion da raça dos homens Grimtiadric e o sucessor o Champion da raça dos homens Arekoth. Para se juntar a nós e se tornar épico conosco é só chamar por algum officer no World channel Se você fala português te receberemos de braços abertos. Para mais informações entre no nosso grupo do FB.
English translation: Exilados da Terra Media is a kinship created from fragments of others Brazilians kinships. The symbol of our kinship it’s Andúril’s sword that was used by the King of Gondor right after was restored from fragments. In the same way our kinship have in focus the restoration and re-union of Brazilians on the server Meneldor. Our goal is not necessarily the end-game or PvMP but always the fun together. Our leader is the Champion of the race of Man: Grimtiadric and the successor is the Champion of the race of Man: Arekoth. If you want join us and become epic with us you just have to call for any officer in the World Channel. If you speaks Portuguese we will receive you with open arms. For further information we have the FB group.
  • First Blood* - Fast growing Kinship of 50+. We run a lot of raids/instances, but casual players are also encouraged to join! We are always down for helping each other out, and just having an all around good time. All classes and levels welcome. Please either visit our website or talk to an Officer to join.
  • Franklin's Riders - Franklin's Riders was formed by a group of friends looking for a change of pace from Fallen Earth (where we were known as clan Suspicious Cheese). We pride ourselves on being rabidly team-centric and always willing to help each other out. We're a mature group of folks with a sense of humor and a severe intolerance for griefers, l33t d00dz and people that believe games are srsbzns. Vent server.
  • Friends of the Monies - Friends of the Monies is an exclusive 5 member kinship, and the founders of LOTRO NIGHT IN AMERICA. Members currently consist of hobbit hunter, Andybrand, hobbit burglar, Maizie, elf lore-master, Ehlliel, human minstrel, Svven, and dwarf champion, Valeigh, who hates the game but plays because he loves his friends. We focus on main-story, book quests, venturing into various regions when those out-level us. We can most commonly be found complaining about "classic MMOs" and harassing each other for working too far ahead of the group. New members are welcome, but be forewarned that our style of play and topics of conversation are certainly not for everyone.
  • Guardian Nights - Arkenstone kinship composed of 70+ members and growing ( LEVEL 30+). We are players of all play schedules that focus on playing the game and having fun as we quest, raid, and instance. all all members actively chat on our 100 HD vent server.
  • Guardians of Iluvatar* We are currently a casual Kinship of approximately 10 members that is looking to grow into a larger kinship. We are looking for members who like to take part in many of the game's aspects. We will be looking to participate in Raids, PvP, Questing, crafting, etc. We are casual players, but at the same time dedicated. Visit our website and register on our forums to become part of our community.
  • High Kings of Old - High Kings of Old is a casual kinship that prides itself on helping any player of any level. With an extremely friendly atmosphere you will find yourself among friends as soon as you are welcomed into the kin. We are exclusive and only accept friendly players that are willing to help others and have fun. When we aren't off questing with each other we are off skirming or crafting for each other. We provide a non pressure friendly atmosphere in which you can enjoy the game and have fun. Due to the exclusiveness not everyone can join, but if you have comments or questions about how to join send Ostnaster or Grimworth a message, or talk to any kin member you happen to see along your travels. You might be able to become a King today!
  • The Hunters of the North - A mixed Rank 10 kinship on Arkenstone that has been around since public release. Members are of all levels, races, and classes. We offer beginner help for new players and welcome anyone and everyone to join. We hold regular events, such as raids and instances, and also have an annual Eriador-wide Scavanger Hunt. We also have a kinship house in Tund Lorial, Falathlorn. Whether you're looking for fellows questing, need assistance on crafting, or just want to have a laugh contact Theiol, Dagrasel, or any of our members for an invitation.
  • Insurrection* Mainly 40+ guild, non stop questing until 50 at which we will be pvping in EM. We are selective in our members and just like to have a good time. Most every user is on Vent. Please fill out and App. and we hope to see you in the game.
  • Kindred Spirits* The Kindred Spirits are a Kinship on the Arkenstone server. We are Honored to have a variety of experienced individuals of all classes who work together to help our Brothers and Sisters advance in the Game. We are a Casual and Helpful Kinship. Focused primarily on PvE content...along with Big Battles, Instances, and Skirmishes. Our goal is to see content at an enjoyable pace that works for players who work, have families and are in college. We have a Kinship House and a voice / text chat server on Discord. If you are new to the game or looking for a new home with people who don't take themselves to seriously check us out. If you wish to join our Kinship, go to our website and fill out a application.
  • Knights Equitable* - A mixed Kinship; looking for semi-casual, friendly players. Our founding members have extensive MMORPG experience, and we're looking to build a solid group of players in LOTRO as well. With a 50 person Ventrilo server, website, forums, newsletters, and good people, we're hoping to become a powerful presence on Arkenstone. Thanks for checking us out!
  • Knights of Nobility* - The Knights of Nobility is a laid-back, down to earth, highly sociable, casual style of kinship. We have end game goals without all the stress & drama that comes from most high-end raiding kinships. We have a good mix of players, from the casual to the hardcore. Most of us have been gaming together for more than 3 years. We have been through a lot over the years. We have seen good times along with the bad, but we still remain strong & persevere all the while not losing sight of what makes our kin special … the people. We can literally spend hours laughing & joking around on Ventrilo while we help each other on quests, crafting, accomplishing deeds or playing out in the Ettenmoors with our tribe ‘The Bloodthirsty’. We are determined to accomplish end-game material through hard work & by helping each other in every way possible. Our prime objective is to have fun with our in game friends, whatever it is that we decide to do. Whether it be questing or raiding, we want people to log in knowing that they will if nothing else have a good time amongst friends without any drama. We are currently expanding our KoN family to include even more high-end players. We are looking for dedicated, mature players, who are knowledgeable about their class & want to help us succeed as a kin. We want players who are looking to have a great time & build friendships & bonds with other dedicated players like themselves. This kin was built with honor & it thrives through the loyalty of its members. KoN has built a long lasting family of great friends in & out of game over the years. We enjoy everything the game has to offer, but above all else we enjoy the company of our kin mates. KoN is in a sense a home away from home, a place where we can go to escape from the daily grind of real life.
  • Knights of the Divine Order* - We are a non race specific, non class specific, ever growing kinship committed to enhancing the playing experience through honor, trust, loyalty and comradery. We strive to maintain a friendly environment, and have no requirements to be met for admittance. There is only two tasks that are ever appointed anyone, officers are asked to be ever so watchful in trying to find new recruits, as well as helping to monitor what goes on within the Kinship, we do not tolerate lying, begging, disruptive/childish behavior nor do we spam for recruits. Everyone helps with questing when we can and are never shy about crafting items for our Kinsmen and Kinswomen. While we will help, we also encourage every member to quest with as little higher level help as possible in order to learn there class to the best of their ability. All services that members of KOTDO provide are not intended to ruin the integrity of the game. Our kinship is here to be a resource for fun, help and knowledge, and we strive to keep it that way!
  • The Last Great Alliance - The Last Great Alliance is a large, casual, rank 10, active kin on the Arkenstone Server that has been active since the first year of the game, led by Eararadith and Ragmnaz. Members include people from many different countries and time zones of all levels and races. All types of players, casual and advanced, are welcome! We are a family-friendly group that is always eager to help one another with whatever is needed, with a wide variety of experienced players in Crafting, Quests, Lore, Gear, and Instances. We regularly host events from instance runs to special contests. Contact a member in game for more information, or leave a message on our site for more information!
  • The Last Hope - A large kinship focusing on all aspects of the game, from casual gaming to raids and instance runs. We have members from level 1-50, with events focused to fit everyones gamestyle. Whether you need help with quests, books or want to raid you will find it at The Last Hope!
  • Legend* Legend of Arkenstone is a casual, Rank 10 kinship of over 200 characters. We keep a fully stocked Kin House, have a balanced force of SM crafters, a wide variety of strong lvl 60 characters, and experienced players who are happy to help with advice or assistance. Many of us are online friends and have been playing together since Beta, so we have experience that you can draw upon. We are currently accepting new recruitment. Visit our forum, or send a tell in game to a kin member.
  • Light of Iluvatar* Currently a small level seven kinship. We're a casual kinship that does a lot of questing and crafting. Most of our members are level 10 to 30, but there is no level requirement to join.
  • Mankind Master's of Middle Earth* - We are a Man race only kin we are very small but looking for more fun players we are rank 2 but still growing come be a mankind master. You can get in by ims/pm Amui or shout out for an officer. Yours sincerely Amui Master of Mankind Master's of Middle Earth. Created 21/5/11.
  • Middle Earth Warriors "Middle Earth Warriors" is always seeking other gamers who are mature and interested in having fun. It is our goal to offer the majority, if not all, end game content to our members in LOTRO. We will work hard together to achieve that goal. Come join us!
  • Ministry - A casual Alliance of smaller like-minded kinships, working together to bring the Light to the Shadow. Contact Krysiel.
  • The Nreldian Ranger Knights - We are a group of people dedicated to helping the people middle earth player or just someone giving a quest, and crafting. Those are the main reasons that we formed are kinship. We would be more than happy to help you with your questing with no charge. If you were wondering we do help in kinship members to. Our website is
  • One Last Time - One Last Time is a new kinship on Arkenstone for new and veteran players looking for a in-depth adventure on LotRO. Our initial goal is to enjoy the older content of the game at its original level when it was released. To do this we will progress through key levels and areas of the game periodically capping our XP advancement, so everyone can experience everything without any rush. Start your new journey or revisit all that Middle-Earth has to offer sided by some of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet! Join us at our discord channel:
  • Order of Shadow Walkers - A small casual kinship on Arkenstone, the Order seeks to provide its members with the knowledge and support of its staff of experienced officers. We seek to be as casual as possible, even though there are a few hardcore gamers among us. We seek to be the best at helping other like minded, mature gamers pursue all the game has to offer, at a relaxed pace, while having fun at the same time. Contact Eldeer.
  • Order of the Maple Leaf A small but indomitable company of warriors hailing from the maple woods on the banks of the Rasinduin, the Order of the Maple Leaf strides out of the mists of legend to make merry sport of the children of Morgoth.
  • Pariah - Pariah is a casual guild with a hardcore raiding attitude. Our members are selfless, come prepared, participate actively in raids and events, respect their fellow players, and enjoy the full range of content within LOTRO, including questing, raiding, instances, PvMP, crafting, and more. For more information, visit our website or contact Gaerlin or Poeko in-game.
  • Rare Breed - Rare Breed is a North American based social kin on the Arkenstone server. We are led into battle by Dadi and seconded by Eoderp. RB is a family of all different types of gamers from all walks of life. Some of us are casual; others of us are hard-core gamers. We enjoy all aspects of LOTRO. We have people who craft, who only solo quest and people who love to raid. We have regularly scheduled runs, raids, and social events. For the PvMPers we have a creep tribe. We stay pretty busy and have plenty of ad-hoc runs throughout the day, but we are most importantly a kin who likes to have fun. We seek friendly, adult members to join us in our journey through the magnificent land of Middle Earth. If this kin is of interest to you, please fill out a membership application, and you will be contacted in-game.
  • RavensHeart Kinship - Looking for a kin? RavensHeart is full of fun, friendly, and especially helpful people! Whether you are elf, man, dwarf, or hobbit or are low leveled, all are welcomed gladly! Please join us as we traverse through Middle Earth!
  • Roxxi Manor Kinship - A kinship on the LOTRO Arkenstone Server. Casual and social, having fun questing and grouping together. All races, classes, levels welcome. We believe in members helping members and paying it forward. We are Active and keep a full calendar. North American, EU, Oceanic.
  • Second Breakfast - We are a kinship that recently transferred from BW to Arkenstone. If you want a small close-knit kin where you are important then come join us for Second Breakfast. Bacon for all members! We like to host parties, raffles, run instances, pvp, craft, socialize, and much more! Send a tell to Kiyanivore for an invite, or give a shout out in our ally channel /joinchannel bacon.
  • Shadow Brothers - Is a kinship with all members active.We make some events.We have above 300 players.
  • Soldiers of the Third Age - A friendly level 7 kinship, always looking for new players! Inactive players will never be kicked, we understand that people have their own lives too, gives us a shout if you are interested! - Skegn
  • Sorrow of the Firstborn - We are an all-class, all-race, rank 9 lifespan kinship of 160+ members with a lively, friendly atmosphere. If you are interested in enjoying an all-round gaming experience, complete with weekly kin skirmishes, parties and entertaining conversation, please feel free to contact our kin leader, Nreldir, or any other officers to join.
  • Southern_Cross - A mostly Australian and New Zealand based kinship that is a mature and friendly Lord of the Rings Online mixed kinship focused on a supportive Kinship spirit that is involved in all aspects of the game. We're currently looking for more mature, active and fun-loving players to fill our ranks. If you're looking for players to group with and have a fun time, do contact one of our officers in-game for an invite. We have moved to Arkenstone from Elendilmir.
  • Star Onion Brigade - (S.O.B) - A casual-play kinship on Arkenstone that focuses on completing chapter quests and instance quests together. Many of the players of this kinship migrated from FFXI. Currently it is friend-only invite, but we will consider any requests.
  • Swifty and Hammo - A casual kinship devoted to helping each other out and enjoying the game. If you're interested message Swifty, Hammo, Troubadur or any other member you see running around.
  • Tenacity Folk of Middle Earth - We are a creative, friendly, courteous, and helpful community that transferred over from Meneldor. Many members say it is the best kin that they have ever been a part of due to the helpful, supportive nature of the players. We are relaxed and laid back, with the only expectations being the general rule of social acceptability. We have a great time with each other, have our own forum and have skilled crafters available. We love doing runs/raids etc. The kin is currently led by Helmfire with many officers online 24/7 - please send a message or an IM for details.
  • Universally Challenged - We’re a social Kinship with the aim of having fun, helping each other out and progressing further into the game. Our core members are predominantly UK based, however everyone is welcome to join, just be aware of our typical British Humour with is rich with sarcasm (if you jump from a cliff and consequently die, we will probably not let this pass lightly /wink). Most of our members have migrated from other MMORPGs and if you join our Kinship, you become part of a team of people willing to help each other out. If you’re interested, please send a message to either Beorli (myself), Ellayvan or Brennawyn. We look forward to seeing you in game!
  • Warriors of Loatharing - The Warriors of Loatharing (yes that's a Dragon-Age Reference) are a semi-active/casual rank 10 kinship comprised of all classes/levels/and races we help with any quest or activity our members have a question on and also do some roleplaying, raids, PvP, PvE, and skirmishes, we ask that our players remain semi-active, but understand some real-life emergencies may pop up, we understand this is a game world, not the real world, and that the real world (Usually) comes first. please contact any member of the kinship if you are interested in joining, and we will get you in.
  • World Union of Middle Earth - World Union of Middle Earth is a brand new kinship with the aim of joining people from around the world to play together and have fun through Middle Earth. We have players on different levels and we hope to grow as a team and make friends along the way.