The Shire Kinship House

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Shire Kinship House
Region: The Shire
Area: Shire Homesteads
Location: [36.5S, 73.2W]

Shire Kinship Houses are houses in Shire Homesteads available to kinships as part of the player housing system. Each neighborhood contains 4 addresses with Kinship Houses. The floor plan of the house includes an entrance room, a grand hall with a fireplace and a small candle-lit room. A hallway attached to the main hall leads to two additional rooms, a medium-sized room and a second small candle-lit room, both of which have fireplaces. The purchase costs are between 14 Gold 250 Silver  and 17 Gold 250 Silver  with maintenance costs ranging between 285 Silver  and 345 Silver  respectively.

The default surfaces for Shire homes are:

For more information about furnishing the Kinship House, see house and furnishings.

Kinship house facade.
Kinship hobbit house with default walls and floors.


House Address Location Purchase Cost Upkeep
4 Myrtle Court [37.9S, 73.6W] 14 Gold 250 Silver  285 Silver 
5 Harrow Road [37.9S, 75.4W] 17 Gold 250 Silver  345 Silver 
2 Chalk Road [35.7S, 73.4W] 16 Gold 500 Silver  330 Silver 
4 Brookbank Street [36.9S, 74.6W] 15 Gold  300 Silver