Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn

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Freep-icon.png Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn
Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Glân Vraig
Map ref [21S, 13.5W]
Race Race of Man
Gender Female
Type Quest
Difficulty Defender
Level 138
Morale 72,878
Power 5,280


Located in Glân Vraig (GV) in the Ettenmoors, Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn is the first NPC most players will meet being as the only quest initiated outside of the Ettenmoors (A Plea from Lainedhel) sends you to speak to her. She is located near the stable.

Quest Involvement


Conclusion: A Plea from Lainedhel

"Our emissaries have succeeded beyond our expectations. I am Sergeant-at-Arms Ascwyn and this is Glân Vraig, our foothold in the Ettenmoors. We are led here by Captain-General Thurimbent… Lainedhel is to the north at the ruined keep, Ost Ringdyr.

"I am sorry, I am getting ahead of myself. There are several enemies in the Ettenmooors and few allies. The eagles led by Golloval support us here in the Coldfells, as do the golden bears led by Goldhead. Far to the west, a small town of hobbits rests on the Hoarwell. None knew they were here.

"It is good to see more arrivals. I have much to teach you, if you are willing to assist us."

Note: the dialog names a different Captain General than exists. Captain-General Tordúr is in Glân Vraig. Thurimbent is a Sergeant-at-Arms .

Start: A Hike Like No Other

"You will face a great many foes here in the Ettenmoors, some more dangerous than others. Specifically, the Uruks, Orcs, Wargs, and Spiders. We have seen that their cunning is unmatched.

"They bear the brunt of their commander's derision and still attack without care for their lives, continuously crashing against the walls of the strongholds throughout the Ettenmoors. You must use caution once you leave the safety of this fortress … and yet, you must learn the paths available to you in this wild plae.

"You should strike out into the Ettenmoors and visit he locations which enhance our ability to fight on this front. In the south, deep in the Grimwood Forest, is the Grimwood Lumber Camp; once used by the hobbits in Hoarhallow, it is now a contested location with rich wood for constructing Palisades. North of the Lumber-camp, on the west side of the Hoarwell river, is Lugazag, a tower oft in control of the Enemy. Deep in the hills at the base of the Misty Mountains in the lands called Arador's End, you will find the Isendeep Mine, where rich minerals and ore can be found. South from there, on an island in the centre of the Hoarwell, is Tol Ascarnen. The last location east from Tol Ascarnen and not far to the north and west of Glân Vraig is Tírith Rhaw. Make your way to these locations, and when you have visited them all, return to me. I will see that you are well rewarded."

Start: Our Friends in Hoarhallow

"Lainedhel discovered the Little Folk while he was scouting the wilderness here in the north. He blames himself for Angmar discovering their location as they seem to have lived here for generations beneath everyone's notice, even the trolls.

"Since his discovery, the Uruk Warleaders have ordered continuous assaults against the village, and the hobbits there, resilient and proud, have taken up arms to defend their homes. Mayor Wat Mudbottom leads them and has asked for little help. He sent a single emissary, Pip Diggins, to Ost Ringdyr to entreat with Lainedhel and has received weapons and arms from us in return for food that he and his people grow and hunt.

"Please, if you can, visit Mayor Mudbottom and assist him however you may."

Start: Ruins of Ost Ringdyr

"Your time in the Ettenmoors will be fraught with danger. Angmar's army is bolstered by their own allies, and they are cruel and viscous.

"If you make your way north of Glân Vraig and follow the valley to the east, you will emerge at the ruins of Ost Ringdyr. Inside, you should seek out Lieutenant Ingi. He is a dwarf of great repute who has come to help us. He is handling the assault on one of Angmar's allies.

"To reach Ost Ringdyr, travel north along the edge of the hills and outcroppings that lead towards the Misty Mountains. You will ride through a valley for a short tim and emerge on a path guarded by our people. Be wary, the woods are teeming with the Enemy."