Sâd Rechu

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Sâd Rechu
Type: Lumber Camp
Region: Eregion
Area: Glâd Ereg
Location: [42.4S, 13.6W]
Sâd Rechu.jpg


Sâd Rechu is a landmark within Glâd Ereg in Eregion. [42.4S, 13.6W]

This lumber camp is situated between the main road through the area and the ridge north. It consists of a number of work sites centred around a shallow pond set up by Dunlendings in the service of the White Hand. The presence of these hill-men may be related to the rise in aggression among the forest creatures as they carelessly chop away at the local woods.





The following creatures are found within this area:


Lumber piles within the camp The shallow pond at the center of Sâd Rechu A work site within the Dunlending camp