Run Speed

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Run Speed Defined

Run Speed is the movement speed of your toon when moving, both running and walking. Run speed is generally what is referenced when talking about increases or decreases in your normal movement speed. These effects affect both your running and walking speed, increasing or decreasing both.
For more details, see Traveling

Speed when running

Running speed is usually around 6.5 m/s (metres per second), and all buffs and debuffs refer to this base speed (100% or factor 1.0).
A hunter using Find the Path-icon.png Find the Path, getting a 15% speed bonus, will therefore run 6.5 * 1.15 = 7.48 m/s. Or, with an extra 15% from maxed-out Pathfinder trait, 6.5 * 1.30 = 8.45 m/s.

Speed when riding

A standard mount has a base speed (100%) of approximately 10.5 m/s. Most mounts increase your run speed by 62%. Some mounts increase your speed by 32% or 68%. There is also an account-wide 78% increase, the Journeyman Riding Trait, available in the store, as well as "+20% for 1 hour" buffs called Mount- Well Fed-icon.png Mount: Well Fed.
A starter horse or pony, with an 32% increase in run speed, has a base speed of approximately 8.6 m/s. Some prestige mounts can reach 10.9 m/s. A war-steed traited out for maximum speed (158% of its base speed) can reach 16 m/s, which is slightly faster than the stablemaster horses travel.
Conversion for those more familiar with miles per hour:
6.5 m/s = 14.3 mph;
8.2 m/s = 18.0 mph;
10.5 m/s = 23.1 mph;
10.9 m/s = 24.0 mph;
16 m/s = 35.2 mph.