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Resistance covers four types of damage: Wound, Fear, Disease and Poison. Your resistance rating counts both to determine your chance to completely ignore a debuff, and if that first resist fails and the debuff is applied, your resistance rating will attempt to resist each individual pulse of Morale or Power draining effects. If you resist a pulse, that pulse will have no effect on you.

Your resistance rating is converted into a percentage before being used to calculate your chance to resist an effect. The formula used is the same as for Critical Rating.

  • Resistance % = Resistance Rating / ((1190/3) * Effect Level + Resistance Rating)

As with Critical Rating, you can work out the rating required to reach a certain percentage using this formula:

  • Resistance Rating = ((1190/3) * Effect Level * %) / (1 - %)

Improving Resistance

Resistance can be improved with traits and bonuses on gear. The chance to resist an effect caps at 50%.