Redhorn Lodes Quests

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The Redhorn Lodes

Redhorn Lodes (56)

The Orc-watch (56)

  1. [56] Clearing the Road
  2. [56] Getting Out of Hand
  3. [56] Anarchy Reigns

Knakk's Camp (56)

  1. [56] Corrupted Spiders - Prerequisite: Search for the Missing
  2. [56] Growing Corruption
  3. [56] Cultivator of Corruption
  4. [56] Worth Dying For
  5. [56] Next of Kin - Vector to Auti's camp (completion grants access to Goat to Auti's Camp at the Orc-watch)

Auti's Camp (56)

  1. [56] Grodbog Infestation
  2. [56] Hidden Quarters
  3. [56] Incubated by the Flaming Deeps - Vector to the Flaming Deeps

Instance Quests

For quests from the War Against Lothórien questline and repeatable quests from Eilíefr and Geirr, see Zelem-melek Quests.

The Gate of Ruin

The following quest requires you to help other players with their class-quest.

Challenge Quests

The following quest is automatically bestowed when entering the instance.

The Grand Stair

Crafting Instance Quests

Both of these instances can be found at [13.1S, 105.7W]