Recklessness (Warden Specialization)

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Recklessness Overview.jpg


Recklessness (Red line) is a Warden Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are Determination and Assailment.

Wields deadly, war-like techniques to defeat foes.
A powerful damaging build that stacks single-target bleeds with the potential for sweeping AoE blows.
Skills Earned:
Shield Piercer-icon.png Shield Piercer

+5% Warden DoT Damage
-10% Attack Duration
-50% Outgoing healing Modifier

Gambit Builders build a stacking melee damage buff - max of 6%

Individual Gambit Bonuses (10% Chance to Apply):
Spear: +5% Light DoT Damage
Fist: +5% Fist Gambit Critical Damage
Shield: +5% chance to increase Morale-tap damage by 5%


These skills are acquired by spending points in the Warden Recklessness (Red) trait tree. The Set skills can only be obtained by specializing in the tree.

Ability Category Range Targets Source Gambit Icons Notes
Shield Piercer-icon.png Shield Piercer Ranged + Debuff 25m 1 Set: Initial Skill Strong attack, Defense Debuff.
Recklessness-icon.png Recklessness Buff self self Trait: Recklessness (Trait)-icon.png Recklessness Damage bonus, Defense penalty.

Set Bonuses

The following Set Bonuses are obtained by spending points in any tree.

Set Traits Source Notes
Sharpened Spears-icon.png Sharpened Spears Set: 5+ tree ranks Spear Gambit Damage bonus.
Unconventional Strikes-icon.png Unconventional Strikes Set: 10+ tree ranks Increased Gambit Builder Bonus chance.
Precision Training-icon.png Precision Training Set: 15+ tree ranks Critical chance and Damage bonus.
Taking Advantage-icon.png Taking Advantage Set: 20+ tree ranks Parry restores Morale, eliminates Gambit Builder Power cost.
One After Another-icon.png One After Another Set: 25+ tree ranks Defeating enemies restores Morale, produces Spear Gambit Damage bonus.
Grand Master Weapons Training-icon.png Grand Master Weapons Training Set: 30+ tree ranks Melee Damage bonus, Spear Bleed bonus, Club speed bonus, Sword Parry bonus.
Martial Fury-icon.png Martial Fury Set: 35+ tree ranks Power Attack and Precise Blow lines can apply secondary DoT.


Obtained by spending Trait Points in the Warden Recklessness Trait Tree.

Tree Traits Requirements Notes
Basic Strikes-icon.png Basic Strikes Trait: 0+ ranks Gambit Builder Damage bonus.
Vital Points (Warden Trait)-icon.png Vital Points Trait: 0+ ranks Bleed Damage bonus.
Spear Sweep-icon.png Spear Sweep Trait: 5+ ranks Converts Bleeds to AoE Damage.
Physical Mastery (Trait)-icon.png Physical Mastery Trait: 5+ ranks Physical Mastery bonus.
Way of the Spear-icon.png Way of the Spear Trait: 10+ ranks Spear Gambit Damage bonus.
Foe of the Darkness-icon.png Foe of the Darkness Trait: 10+ ranks Light-type Damage bonus.
On the Offence-icon.png On the Offence Trait: 10+ ranks Morale-tap Damage bonus.
Quick Sweep (Trait)-icon.png Quick Sweep Trait: 15+ ranks, Spear Sweep-icon.png Spear Sweep (1) Chance to produce Bleed on Spear Sweep conversion.
No Respite for the Wicked-icon.png No Respite for the Wicked Trait: 15+ ranks Offensive Strike line applies Heal Debuff.
Aggravating Wounds-icon.png Aggravating Wounds Trait: 15+ ranks DoT and Bleed Critical Hit bonus.
No Mercy-icon.png No Mercy Trait: 20+ ranks, Quick Sweep (Trait)-icon.png Quick Sweep (1) Spear Sweep conversion may retain Bleed.
Deep Wounds-icon.png Deep Wounds Trait: 20+ ranks DoT and Bleed Critical Damage bonus.
Warden's Triumph (Trait)-icon.png Warden's Triumph Trait: 25+ ranks Adroit Manoeuvre and Warden's Triumph effect bonus.
Lasting Impression-icon.png Lasting Impression Trait: 25+ ranks Increased DoT and Bleed duration.
Recklessness (Trait)-icon.png Recklessness Trait: 30+ ranks Grants Recklessness skill.
Honed Spikes (Trait)-icon.png Honed Spikes Trait: 30+ ranks Improves the Critical Damage buff of Shield Spikes.