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Raid/Fellowship Leader

The Leader - Raid Leaader or Fellowship Leader (RL/FL) is responsible for controlling a group of allies.
Note that this is an active role during a Raid but not a combat specific role, therefore there is no particular class requirement.
Responsibilities may include:
  • Ensuring that all members arrive on time and are adequately prepared for the encounters ahead.
  • Sorting and organizing raid groups for maximum effectiveness.
  • Assigning roles, such as Main Tank (MT), Off Tank (OT), Main Assist (MA) and Raid Assist targets.
  • Coordinating pulls to ensure the group does not threaten too many enemies at one time.
  • Explaining boss encounters and their strategies to the group.
  • Making call-outs during the boss encounters to coordinate in-combat strategies, and to deal with unexpected circumstances.
  • Master-looting to ensure fair distribution of loot according to class restrictions and necessity.

Target marking

One of the most useful things a Fellowship or Raid Leader can do is to mark targets with an icon.
This action is most useful with Pick-up-groups (PUG)s where the individual players do not know each others characters.
This marking can tell the members of the group to attack that target while the Lore-master and Burglar mez something else that isn't marked.
Because people attack the marked target and not the mezzed target, the mezzed target will stay mezzed unless someone uses an area of effect attack.
Target Marking can also be used to identify certain pary members - typically the Healer, who uses area-of-effect (AOE) heals, requiring that individual recipients be within a certain distance of the Healer.
  • Remember, in any Raid larger than six members, only the six members of the group with the Leader doing the marking can see the markings. They are not visible to the other two or three groups in the Raid. However, each group of six in the raid can have their own markings!
To do this, first you'll need to set a hot key to mark a target. I set the ` (unshifted ~) key to skull.
In Options, click Key Mapping. Scroll all the way down to Fellowship Target Marking. Click Skull, then press the ` key (or whatever key you want to use).
Options: Key Mapping