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Moria Quest Pack

Balin left the Lonely Mountain many years ago on an expedition to reclaim Moria, the Longbeards’ home of old, and was never heard from again. Dáin Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain, has sent forth the Iron Garrison from the Iron Hills to investigate and lend aid to Lord Balin, if necessary. Breaching the Hollin Gate, collapsed by the Watcher in the Water, the Iron Garrison does not find Balin and his company, but rather an endless horde of Orcs, goblins, Wargs, trolls, and creatures even more foul. Join the Iron Garrison in their efforts to reclaim Moria from Mazog son of Bolg and his fell legions and discover the dark secrets that lie in the depths of Khazad-dûm.

The Moria Quest Pack provides players with over 350 quests designed to support player levels 51 - 60.
The quest pack also includes Category:Mines of Moria Instances
The Mines of Moria instance cluster includes:

Level Clases Uses Quantity Normal Price (In LP's)
51-60 (Suggested) All Account 1 1495 LOTRO Point 
  • Note: This quest pack is included in the purchase of the Mines of Moria Expansion.
  • Note: This quest pack does NOT include the Rune-keeper nor Warden Character Classes Nor the Skirmish Trait Max Rank: 15.