Quest Pack:Enedwaith

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Enedwaith quest pack

The Enedwaith quest pack provides players with over 65 quests designed for player mainly between levels 60 - 65.
Meet and assist the Rangers of the Grey Company as they begin their journey south to Gondor to meet their lord, Aragorn. Rolling hills and abandoned ruins cover much of this landscape. The seeds of the White Wizard will be seen here. What could he want with the people in these lands?
Adventure with the Grey Company, and into favour with the Dunedain, to learn what dark and troubling events spread ever further into the lands of Eriador. The quests gained here will lead you to further adventure south, into the land of Dunland and Isengard.
This quest pack also provides the following In their Absence Instances,
Note: Free access to these Instances is granted to VIP accounts.
Level Classes Uses Quantity Price (in LP)
60+ (suggested) All Account 1 695 LOTRO Point