Quest:Writhendowns: Hope Alight

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Writhendowns: Hope Alight
Level 85
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Ealswith
Starts at Forlaw
Start Region Forlaw
Map Ref [39.5S, 60.8W]
Quest Group Survivors of Wildermore Reputation
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Watch-fires of the Writhendowns have gone dark, and even though Núrzum has fallen, the people in Forlaw still fear that he will return. The fires give them hope; the darkness fills them with doubt.

'Will you ride out and light the Watch-fires? You can find them in high places along the edge of the water.'


When lit, the Watch-fires of the Writhendowns fill the people of Wildermore with hope.

Objective 1

  • Light Watch-fires (0/3)
  • Completing Wildermore's Recovery will cancel this quest.

Watch-fires can be found along the higher cliffs nearest the lake's edge in the south-western Writhendowns.

You should light Watch-fires to let the watchmen of Forlaw know that the Writhendowns has not entirely fallen under enemy sway.

Objective 2

  • Return to Ealswith
  • Completing Wildermore's Recovery will cancel this quest.

Ealswith is in Forlaw.

You should return to Ealswith.

Ealswith: 'You have lit the Watch-fires of the Writhendowns, letting the nervous people in Forlaw know that the land is not wholly under enemy sway.'