Quest:Utterby: Continue the Fight

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Utterby: Continue the Fight
Level 117
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Náin the Slakeless
Starts at Utterby
Start Region Iron Hills
Map Ref [24.8N, 14.7W]
Quest Group Infiltrating Er Shamol
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You want to go back inside Utterby? Hah! Don't let me stop you! There are plenty more Jangovar heads to bash together.

'Just speak to me when you are ready and my guards will allow you back inside the gates.'


There are still many Jangovar stubbornly holding onto Utterby. Will you help the Ironfold Dwarves clear out the village?

Objective 1

  • Defeat Jangovar in Utterby (0/20)
  • Defeat stubborn Jangovar lords (0/3)

Many Jangovar can be found inside Utterby.

You should defeat Jangovar outside Utterby and inside Utterby: Continue the Fight.

Náin the Slakeless: 'Just let me know when you are ready.'
Defeated Jangovar (20/20)
Defeated stubborn Jangovar lords (3/3)
Ironfold Guard: 'Ready to go? I will escort you back to Lord Náin.'

Objective 2

Lord Náin can be found inside of the gates in Utterby.

You should talk to Lord Náin.

Lord Náin: 'My guards have spoken highly of your skills in combat, <name>. They are not easy to impress; believe me! Should you ever wish to help us further, we will be here.'