Quest:Tower an Inferno

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Tower an Inferno
Level 77
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Scrawled Note
Starts at The Woodyard
Start Region The Wold
Map Ref [42.2S, 46.4W]
Ends with Sergeant Guthferth
Ends at North-torr
End Region The Wold
Map Ref [44.0S, 47.5W]
Quest Chain North-torr
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The note reads:

'We have captured the tower Suth-torr from the horse-riding weaklings, and the dark one resides there now. The camp has been built, and it is from here that the attack upon Rohan shall be launched.

'Complete production of the siege-weapons as soon as possible. Do not be late with them. They are instrumental in the siege.'


The Easterlings have built a massive encampment on the bank of the Anduin river. This camp is growing at an alarming rate as more enemies flow down the river from the ford.

Objective 1

  • Use a torch to burn the Watchtower Súth-torr

The fallen Rohirrim watchtower is in the north-east corner of their large encampment of Jóshkhin Orda to the north of North-torr.

You should search for a torch near the watchtower and burn it to drive out the evil that dwells there.

Picked up the torch
Burned the Watchtower Súth-torr
The Grim Southron says, " dare challenge me?"
The Grim Southron says, "Your puny fire means nothing. You cannot stop Mordor from destroying this wretched land. Rohan will fall!"

Objective 2

  • Return to Guthferth at North-torr

north of Floodwend, attempting to hold back the flood of Easterlings threatening to drown the Wold in chaos.

You should speak with Sergeant Guthferth.

Sergeant Guthferth: 'My fears were not unfounded; you found no trace of the men who stood guard at that tower. Igniting the tower drove away the fellbeast and its Master, but I suspect they are still nearby.
'The Nazgûl leads the Easterling assault, so this victory is short-lived, but we shall take any victories we can muster nowadays.'