Quest:This is Not the Work of a Cook

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This is Not the Work of a Cook
Level 75
Type Solo
Starts with Ondor
Starts at Nan Curunír
Start Region Nan Curunír
Map Ref [82.7S, 4.0W]
Quest Group Isengard: Nan Curunír
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'No cook worthy of the name would create a recipe like this. I suspect your 'cook' is more of a mad alchemist with a penchant for poisons.

'Now, we all know that goblins and Wargs are not known for being particular about what they eat, and though most poisons would not bother them much, this little 'spice' might be enough to muddle one.

'Perhaps this cook would be a bit easier to deal with after a taste of his own provender?'


The insane goblin-cook who came up with the vile brew is a deadly threat to any living being.

Objective 1

The dreadful goblin-cook is constantly at work in his kitchens in the caves of western Nan Curunír.

Ondor suggests that if you can slip the goblin-cook's deadly spice into his stew-pot, it may weaken him enough that you can readily defeat him.

Wait for the goblin-cook to taste his brew
The Cook says, "Huh. Smells pretty good. Let's see how it's comin' along."
The Cook says, "Urp. Huk... That's got a little...kick to it..."
The Cook says, "Maybe a bit too much... Urgh..."
The goblin-cook can now easily be defeated.
Defeated the goblin-cook

Objective 2

  • Talk to Ondor in Nan Curunír

Ondor is encamped near the caves of western Nan Curunír.

You should let Ondor know that the goblin-cook has cooked his last stew.

Ondor: 'It is a relief that the mad goblin will not be brewing any more vile poisons!'