Quest:The Stolen Stones

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The Stolen Stones
Level 35
Type Solo
Starts with Heithur Ironfist
Starts at Barachen's Camp
Start Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [34.0S, 20.2W]
Ends with Tóki Whitebeard
Ends at Ost Dúrgonn
End Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [31.8S, 20.7W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain A Gift from the Dwarves
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Clearly, misfortune befell my companions. My dwarves may be lost now, but the stones they were escorting can be recovered from whomever or whatever has stolen them. This we must do, <name>.

'As I was returning from Glóin's camp to meet my companions, I saw a large number of cave-claws along the road, especially to the north of the road. Barachen tells me that the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn lie near there as well...the old fortress of Rhudaur would attract creatures such as cave-claws, for the vermin devour stone. It may be that whatever frenzy has drawn them out of their caves has also driven them to attack armed caravans. Alas, the stolen stones would be just such a prize as might cause the cave-claws to swarm so.

'Would you investigate Ost Dúrgonn for any signs of the stones? As with many beasts, often the pack-leader keeps the choicest morsels, and these stones would certainly be that. Perhaps they yet survive within their foul den.'


The dwarves of Heithur Ironfist's company have fallen upon some misfortune near the Last Bridge, and the stones they were transporting to Glóin in Rivendell were lost.

Objective 1

Cave-claws infest the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn, north of the road and Barachen's camp.

Heithur Ironfist believes that the cave-claws of Ost Dúrgonn might have carried away the stones that his company was bringing to Glóin and perhaps swarmed in such strength as to defeat the dwarves.

Rochwen: 'There are cave-claws among the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn, not far north-east of the Last Bridge, but how or why the beasts would carry off the stones Heithur is seeking, I do not know.
'Perhaps some other foe is to blame, but the cave-claws are closest to the Bridge and may have played some part in weakening the dwarf-company or in drawing them off the road.
'Travel north-east of the Last Bridge until you reach the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn and seek within their crumbling walls for either the stolen stones of the dwarves of Heithur's company.'
Tóki Whitebeard: 'Are to help? Be careful, friend! A mighty cave-claw has slain...the rest of my...'
The dwarf shudders with exhaustion.
'This monstrous cave-claw...attacked us...after the trolls stole...the stones we...were bearing....'

Objective 2

Cave-claws infest the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn north-east of the Last Bridge.

Rochwen believes that the cave-claws of Ost Dúrgonn could not have defeated a company of dwarves, but that they may have played some role in the defeat of Heithur's couriers.

Tóki Whitebeard says: 'Oh no! Here come the lot of them!'
You have successfully defended Tóki Whitebeard!
Tóki Whitebeard: 'Many thanks, good <race>. I do not think...I could have held out...any longer.
'You say that Heithur Ironfist...has taken refuge with an...Elf to the south of here? I...will go to him...then, when I have rested a moment. Please...track down the trolls who...stole the stones. They led us here...but I believe their further east along the road....'