Quest:The Stolen Ornament

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The Stolen Ornament
Level 28
Type Solo
Starts with Thaliollang
Starts at Lin Giliath
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [13.7S, 44.6W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain Avenging Lachenn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Lagorlam told me that as he hunted the Stone-trolls, he spotted a chieftain of great size, called by the others Gurmagath. This Gurmagath had in his great fist a sparkling ornament that once belonged to poor Lachenn!

'Lagorlam was driven into a rage and raced towards Gurmagath, but before the battle was joined, he was attacked by three other Stone-trolls, and Gurmagath retreated to a clearing east of where you found Lagorlam.

'This wretched creature cannot be permitted to keep Lachenn's ornament, <name>. Seek out this Gurmagath and wrest Lachenn's ornament from him, so it may be kept in Lin Giliath in a place of honour.'


Lagorlam, the Elf you rescued from the Stone-trolls at Taur Gonwaith, reported to Thaliollang that the chief of the trolls had in his possession an ornament once belonging to Lachenn, Master of Lin Giliath.

Objective 1

Gurmagath can be found on a hillock east of where you rescued Lagorlam, in the north-eastern area of Taur Gonwaith, south-east of Lin Giliath.

Thaliollang has asked you, in memory of Lachenn, to hunt down the chieftain of the Stone-trolls, Gurmagath, and retrieve Lachenn's ornament so that it can be restored to a place of honour.

Thaliollang: 'Gumagath can be found on a rise in the north-eastern part of Taur Gonwaith. he cannot be allowed to keep Lachenn's ornament any longer, <name>. You must defeat him and bring it to Lin Giliath, where it belongs.'

Objective 2

Thaliollang is at Lin Giliath, north-west of Taur Gonwaith.

Thaliollang is waiting for you to return with the ornament you retrieved from Gurmagath.

Thaliollang: 'Aye, this is Lachenn's ornament. It is truly a shame that it has been broken by Gurmagath's brutish fingers.
'There is something odd about these markings on the back of the ornament. These scratches almost look to form letters. A…N…G….
'The rest is broken off, but I believe I know what it would say.'