Quest:The Secrets of Sundergrót

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The Secrets of Sundergrót
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Rúzat
Starts at Sundergrót
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [21.6N, 63.0W]
Ends at Limlók
End Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [20.8N, 56.1W]
Quest Chain Wells of Langflood: The Floodfells
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, something bothers me about the goblins in Sundergrót. I know not what, but something is amiss! Agátur looks as if he has something to say. Spit it out, my friend!'


The goblins of Sundergrót have set up a secret meeting within the old dwarf ruins.

Objective 1

Sundergrót can be found in the Floodfells.

You should talk to Agátur outside of Sundergrót.

Agátur: 'I overheard some goblins talking while I was in Sundergrót. At the time, I did not think much of it, but perhaps I should revisit what it was I heard.
'Do you find it odd that the goblins work and camp as if they are commanded, yet there is no commander in sight? Yes, well, I heard a few goblins talking about an important meeting that is soon to happen in Sundergrót. Could this meeting be with this mysterious, absent commander? I say we find this meeting, and learn what is really going on here!'
Complete Instance: The Secrets of Sundergrót

Objective 2

Rúzat, Agátur, and Náth can be found at Limlók.

You should talk to the three dwarves.

Rúzat: 'It is always a pleasure to receive assistance from the great <name>. I hope our paths cross once more, my friend!'
Agátur: 'Aye, it looks like my curiosity was warranted. I am glad that we stopped those goblins from joining forces with Gundabad.'
Náth: 'Thank you for your assistance on our survey mission. I hope that you will return to Skarháld with us. Please, bring us word from Grimbeorn as soon as you hear something.'