Quest:The Secret of the Council

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The Secret of the Council
Level 58
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Geirfast
Starts at Zelem-melek
Start Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [5.9S, 105.5W]
Ends with Lenglammel
Ends at Gwathrendath
End Region The Foundations of Stone
Quest Group Moria: Nud-melek
Quest Chain Shadow Map
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I cannot wait to discover this new map's secret! It looks as though it may show a destination to the south-east of here. Were I you, I would search within Nud-melek - let's see, you said it curved downwards... Perhaps the southern section of the Second Hall?'


From your description of the map the torch projected onto the wall, Geirfast thinks it must lie somewhere within Nud-melek, perhaps in the southern part of the Second Hall.

Objective 1

  • Discover the entrance to the secret chamber

Find the entrance to the secret chamber depicted in the shadow-map.

Objective 2

Return to Geirfast to tell him where the chamber is.

Geirfast: 'Amazing, you found it! Now that we know where it is, getting there again will be much quicker.
'You may wish to bring a friend or two if you are going to plumb the secrets of this chamber. Who knows what dangers may lie within?
'I suspect the strange riddles on the back of this map will help you in this last exploration. I will make you a fair copy of them, so you can bring them into the Chamber with you.'

Objective 3

Speak to Geirfast when you are ready to travel.

Geirfast: 'Are you prepared?
'What an exciting time to be in Khazad-dû many mysteries being exposed to the light, for the first time on so very long!'

Objective 4

  • Speak to Geirfast to tell him what you found

Return to Geirfast at the Twenty-first Hall

Geirfast: 'Bless my sturdy boots, what a tale! Clues and maps and shadows and riddles and monsters -- this will make quite the story to tell in my old age!
'So you found the innermost chamber of this strange place... What did you find there? An axe? An axe marked "Dragonslayer"? Durin's beard!
'<name>, I think there is more to this than meets the eye. I am loathe to give this advice, but I think you ought to speak to one of the Elves here in Moria - I think Lenglammel might be the one to ask, but you'll have to go down to the Shadowed Refuge to find her. Describe your travails, and what you found at your destination, and see what she has to say.'

Objective 5

Speak to Lenglammel, within the Shadowed Refuge.

Lenglammel: 'Can it be? You are the one?
'The axe you describe is known to me, but only in legend. It was prophesied that one not of our number - the nearly forgotten secret council of Elves and dwarves - would find it once more, within our ancient headquarters in the deepest recesses of the dwarven mine.
'That map you found was a last desperate attempt to leave a record, should Dragonslayer's hiding place be forgotten - a situation thought impossible then, but we did not forsee the rise of Durin's Bane, the abandonment of Khazad-dûm, and its degeneration into feared Moria. When Smaug was terrorizing the Lonely Mountain, some of us were instructed to search for records of where Dragonslayer might be hid, and found nothing.
'You, brave <race>, have discovered a treasure beyond compare, Lord Elrond shall be alerted, as well as Lady Galadriel... Your name will be sung by council-members for Ages to come.'