Quest:The Search for Dúneth Continues

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The Search for Dúneth Continues
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Tolwin
Starts at Talath Anor
Ends with Dúneth
Ends at Dúneth's Camp
End Region Talath Anor
Map Ref [55.7S, 11.5W]
Quest Group Old Anórien: Talath Anor
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'There is a farm by the river, not too far from here. Farmers from Parth Forant safely evacuated to Crithost at the first signs of conflict at Cair Andros.

Why have I not thought of this sooner! Parth Forant is abandoned and has not yet been taken over by the Enemy. I bet we will find my mother there!'


Tolwin has asked you to accompany him on the search to find his missing mother, Dúneth.

Objective 1

  • Search Parth Forant for Dúneth

Parth Forant is located in Talath Anor on the banks of the River Forant.

Your should search Parth Forant for Dúneth.

No one has been here recently as all the buildings are boarded up

Objective 2

  • Speak with Tolwin

Speak with Tolwin.

Tolwin: 'I can also see that no one has been here for a while.'
Tolwin pauses with a frown upon his face and looks towards the ground for a moment.
'The best place left to look for my mother is the farm of Parth Gladló in southern Talath Anor. I have seen many foes across the Forant River though. It will not be an easy task.
'Still, we must try to find her. If we can not find her we should still send The First Blade a message that he is unwanted in Gondor.'
Tolwin is afraid that he may never find his mother

Objective 3

  • Travel to Parth Gladló

Parth Gladló is located in southern Talath Anor.

Your best chance at finding Dúneth is searching Parth Gladló.

Orcs have begun using the farm as a staging ground for building machines of war

Objective 4

  • Look around for signs of Dúneth at the first farmhouse
  • Look around for signs of Dúneth at the second farmhouse

Parth Gladló is located in southern Talath Anor.

You should search buildings at Parth Gladló.

This farmhouse is a good place to look around for signs of Dúneth
No one has been here recently
No one's been here recently, but you hear an Orc captain shouting orders nearby

Objective 5

  • Find and defeat Gúrdru

Gúrdru can be found in Parth Gladló.

You should find and defeat Gúrdru.

Gúrdru says, "What's this disturbance?!"
As Gúrdru falls you notice a human figure run away from Gúrdru's perch towards the woods

Objective 6

  • Enter the woods in pursuit of the mysterious figure

The woods can be found in eastern Talath Anor.

You should follow the mysterious figure into the woods.

You notice a trail of footprints leading deeper into the woods

Objective 7

  • Follow the trail of footprints deeper into the woods

The trail of footsteps leads deeper into the woods.

You should follow the trail to find this mysterious figure.

The trail of footprints leads deeper into the woods
You come across a small makeshift encampment and the woman standing there smiles

Objective 8

  • Speak with Dúneth

Dúneth is located at her camp.

You should speak with Dúneth.

Dúneth: 'My son! I did not know if you were alive until I saw you fighting that Orc in Parth Gladló! You are both brave.
'Did Tolwin not tell you of my training in both stealth and blade? I suppose he was too young to remember my training.
'No matter, we are safe to rest here for a short time... Where are my manners?! My name is Dúneth. I am sure Tolwin has been worried sick about me.'

Objective 8

  • Speak with Tolwin

Speak with Tolwin.

Tolwin: 'I had forgotten the words my father once said to me. He told me that we come from a long line of skilled warriors and everyone in this family is a warrior.
'Of course he meant my mother too but it had slipped my mind. Thanks to you we are reunited and can both work together to find and oust The First Blade!'